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Welcome to the Desk Edit - a series which shines a spotlight on some of Australia’s newest brands and our handpicked favourite a-beauty products. 

If you’re settling for just an ol’ body wash or moisturiser you can pick up in your supermarket aisle then you’re missing out on an important self-care opportunity. Your body deserves the same dedication you give to your skincare routine, and that means treating it to quality body care products that pamper your senses while caring for your skin.

We were recently sent a selection of body care products from Australian brands to try. These are our top picks:

The All-Over Cleanser

OUR PICK: Yours Only Clean Body Cleanser

When you have sensitive skin, a good (read: non-drying) body wash can be hard to find. Australian body care brand Yours Only is determined to change that with their range of products targeted towards anyone who suffers from allergies, intolerances, skin conditions and auto-immune diseases. This body wash has a gentle lather - so you get a satisfying foamy cleanse - and it deeply cleans your skin (and your face and hair too, if you so choose) but it won’t leave your skin feeling tight and stripped of moisture. 

My review: “A no-fuss wash/cleanser that is perfect for when you want to edit your products back to basics. Even though it is a body wash I also used it on my face and found it gave a really deep clean without stripping my skin.”

The Body Balm

OUR PICK: The Travelista Nutrient Rich Body Balm

As we come into the cooler months, there’s a good chance flaky skin is on the cards. A body balm is great for treating extra dry patches and giving skin an indulgent hit of hydration. This moisturiser from The Travelista is ultra-moisturising and has a rich balm texture. It’s enriched with essential fatty acids like omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as vitamins A, C and E to smooth, tone, and leave skin with a healthy glow.

My review: “This body balm was very nourishing and dewy. For me, it was too thick to use all over my arms and legs in summer but it was great on dry spots and cuticles. It’s also great for dabbing onto your cheeks for a dewy and glowing complexion.” 

The Body Exfoliant

OUR PICK: George + Eva - Bounce Body Scrub & Mask

Great for your pre-fake tan prep or for gently buffing away dry patches of skin, this body exfoliant shifts dead skin cells with ease but also leaves your skin feeling moisturised and soft. It’s also a nice mess-free alternative to all those coffee body scrubs out there at the moment.

My review: “If you love an intense and physical scrub this product might not be for you. With ingredients like Kakadu plum, kangaroo flower extract, Australian clay and grapeseed oil, it is full of healing and detoxifying products. It was lovely to use as a pre-shower body massage.”

The Body Lotion

OUR PICK: Yours Only Coat Body Moisturiser

Now that summer is behind us, it’s a good time to swap out your light body moisturiser for something a little creamier that is up for the task of keeping your skin hydrated. We reckon this one is up for the task. You can even use it if you have eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, or sensitive skin.

My review: “This moisturiser is amazing! It leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated without the dreaded ‘sticky’ feeling. I have really dry skin all year round and this formula is so soothing and leaves my skin nourished for longer.”

The Body Wash

OUR PICK: The Travelista Nourishing Body Wash

Prefer a low-foam body cleanser? Then lather yourself in this one. The formula is enriched with goodies like meadowfoam seed oil and Himalayan rose salt to make sure your skin is not just clean but also well-hydrated. 

My review: “A super refreshing wash that smells like a summer holiday (as cheesy as that sounds, it really does). Pretty much everything you could need and want in a body wash that leaves your skin with a nice citrus scent.”

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