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Summer hair trends
Summer hair trends

Summer is only weeks away, and you know what that means: It’s time to switch up your hair. 

It’s that glorious time of year when the weather warms up so our hair colour tends to go lighter and our length goes shorter. But they’re not the only fresh new looks you’re going to be seeing this summer. 

We spoke to Australian hairstylist Danae Kirk-Ayton for her predictions on the hottest summer hair trends that we’ll see across Australia this season.

The cut: Curtain fringe

The hair trend: Summer’s hottest haircut isn’t drastic, but it is super flattering. A curtain fringe is a soft, wispy and long fringe - generally parted down the middle - that beautifully frames the face. “Perfect for the warmer months, this is a fringe with less commitment,” says Kirk-Ayton. “You can keep it longer around the cheekbone to jaw length or go shorter around the brow. 

What’s to love about it? “This is great for bringing out the eyes as it draws your attention there, especially if there is a large contrast between your hair and skin colour!,” explains Kirk-Ayton. “And for the longer fringe it's great for opening up your face and accentuating cheekbones that maybe you didn't realise you had!” 

Top tips: “Make sure you see a hairstylist that is confident in cutting fringes,” recommends Kirk-Ayton. “Maintenance-wise you're looking at a fringe trim every three to four weeks, or if you're happy to let it grow to a different length then you'll be able to wait until your next haircut.”

Who should avoid it: “This isn't a hairstyle that's suitable for coarser frizzier hair types unless you're willing to blowdry and style it everyday. Although, you could wear your curtain fringe curly, which I love! Also, if you have a really strong cowlick at the front of your hair it might be a bit of a struggle unless you're willing to work with it.”

Tools you’ll need: “You’ll need a hair dryer and round brush or hot air brush to style your curtain bangs, unless you're blessed with being able to leave them to dry on their own,” notes Kirk-Ayton. “Dry shampoo is a girl with a fringe's best friend. It's great for spraying underneath your fringe straight after you've styled it to absorb any oil, sweat or makeup on your forehead and for the days that follow.”


Natalie Sole Edwards & Co hair trends
Natalie Sole Edwards & Co hair trends

The colour: Face-framing highlights

The hair trend: “Whether it's a little or a lot, face-framing highlights are the go-to hair colour trend this season,” shares Kirk-Ayton. “You can create a softer result by having highlights all over with more of a pop of face-framing colour at the front (like balayage).

Or, if you dare, go bolder by having a thick piece lightened around your face and tone it a bright colour like pink or blue, as seen on Dua Lipa and many other influencers like Aussie It-girl Cartia Mallan at the moment.” 

Top tips: The right shade and placement can help brighten your skin tone and lift your features, so Kirk-Ayton recommends asking your hairstylist what they think would best suit you.

Products you’ll need: “For your at-home care, you’ll need a toning shampoo or conditioner that’s best suited to the colour you go with. The bolder the colour of your highlights, the more likely it will fade or wash out faster,” warns Kirk-Ayton. 

“You can create a softer result by having highlights all over with more of a pop of face-framing colour at the front (like balayage)."

Danae Kirk-Ayton, Australian Hairstylist

The style: A bouncy blowdry

The hair trend: After a year of fuss-free WFH topknots and high ponytails that never saw the light of day, you’re probably craving a little more finesse with your hair this summer. Especially coming into party season when your social calendar is jam-packed with events and outings. Enter the bouncy blowdry. “The look dominated the ‘90s and ‘00s and now they've made a comeback with the younger generation,” says Kirk-Ayton. 

Who should try it: “This will suit anyone that wants more volume and bounce in their life,” notes Kirk-Ayton.

Tools you’ll need: “Blowdrying has been made a lot easier these days with the help of advances in styling technology, like the release of hot air brush dryers. You no longer need to juggle a brush and a hair dryer. But if you do prefer the old-school way, all you need is a volumising product to support and hold your hair, a ceramic round brush with a suitable size barrel for your hair length and type, and a good blow dryer that has good heat and airflow,” advises Kirk-Ayton. 

How to blowdry your hair: “A little trick is to use clips to hold your section that you've blowdried, by wrapping them up while the hair is still hot to let it set. Or, once you've blowdried a section, chuck in a velcro roller, repeat until your whole head is rolled up, and let this cool down for five to 10 minutes or if you've got more time 30 to 60 minutes to really let it set while you're getting ready,” explains Kirk-Ayton.

Top tips: “How small or how large a brush or roller you use depends on how much curl/movement you'd like in your hair. For more of a curl, go with a smaller barrel size brush or roller. If all you want is volume but more on the straighter side, then go with a bigger brush/roller.”

Ashton Woods Edwards & Co blowdry
Ashton Woods Edwards & Co blowdry

The accessory: Claw clips

The hair trend: Continuing the trend for effortless hair, the go-to hair accessory for summer 2020 will be the retro claw clip. “What goes around comes around!” says Kirk-Ayton. “Again, something that was made popular in the ‘90s is back in.” 

What’s to love about it? “It’s so simple and easy for anyone to use. It's a quick way to throw your hair up on a hot day. Just bunch your hair up and get it into position and clip it on in,” explains Kirk-Ayton. “You can also opt to leave some hair out around your face, style your tresses into a half-up half-down hairstyle; whatever your mood is you can make it work for you,” she adds.

Top tips: “If you get a good quality clip it will secure your hair really well and wont move all day or night,” notes Kirk-Ayton. We love these tortoiseshell ones from Seed Heritage.



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