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New ways to use dry shampoo
New ways to use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a godsend on those days when you can’t be bothered washing your hair. But dry shampoo isn’t just a one-trick pony. We spoke to Australian hairstylist Anthony Nader for his expert tips on how to use dry shampoo to shake up your hair game in more ways than one.

Prepare to fall even more in love with this hair MVP. 

Boost volume at the roots

Dry shampoo works by soaking up the excess oils in your roots. As it does this, it also creates amazing lift, which creates beautiful fullness all over. To maximise volume, Nader recommends shaking the can of dry shampoo a few times and tipping your head over.

“Then, approximately 10cm away from your scalp, spritz your roots where they need extra lift. Massage the dry shampoo in, flip your head back and you’re good to go,” Nader adds.

For even more volume, apply dry shampoo before bed. Between the oil-mopping formula and the friction created between your hair and your pillowcase while you sleep, you’ll wake up with gorgeous volume. 

Create lived-in texture

The powdery texture of dry shampoo is amazing for adding grit and a sexy lived-in texture throughout lengths. Especially on freshly-washed hair that is too light and fluffy. Dry shampoo is great for giving strands a workable hold - it allows you to create a messy texture by simply roughing up your hair.

“I always love to use a hot tong on dry hair to give your strands a bit more of natural texture where needed first,” says Nader. “Then spray dry shampoo onto the areas you want to add that extra texture.”

“Don’t be shy here as the more liberal you are with your spray, the more lived-in the texture.”

Anthony Nader, Australian hairstylist

Subtly scent your hair

Some dry shampoos smell divine. And their scents linger more prominently than your shampoo’s scent might. It’s also a much cheaper alternative to hair fragrances.

Give hair a matte finish

“A matte hair texture will always give even the most lacklustre strands more life and that cool-girl factor,” says Nader. Just spray your dry shampoo all over until you achieve your desired look. Start with just a little and layer more as needed.

This is also a handy trick if you’ve applied too much shine serum.

Add hold to your hairstyles

Hairspray is the traditional go-to for adding hold to a hairstyle, but if you don’t like the crunchy or sticky feeling it can give your locks, or you want a more natural hold, dry shampoo can work a treat. It’s especially great when spritzed on hair before braiding; it prevents slippage as you plait and can give the overall look an edgy textured finish. 

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