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There’s a lot to love about summer hair. It’s all about effortless vibes and embracing your natural texture. Not to mention there are so many social opportunities to play around with your new-season looks. To inspire a new look for the new year ahead, we asked Australia’s leading hair experts for their insider tips on the hottest hair trends for summer 2023. 

Undone Texture

The hair expert: Dominic Pelli from DomPelli Hair (NSW)

The hair trend: This look is undone hair that doesn’t look over-styled. Think hair with lots of movement and shape thanks to front layers that are styled away from the face.” 

Get the look: “Don’t think too much about it. Curl the hair in all different directions using a soft curling wand, and be sure to curl the front away from the face. But don’t over curl! My little trick is to go back in with your flat iron and straighten some bits back out.”

The products: “Having a working hairspray on hand is a must for me. I’m always building on top of hair and creating shapes so I need something brushable and nothing too tacky. My go-to is the Muk Working Spray

Aussie ‘It’ Girl Glam

The hair expert: Natalie Anne from Natalie Anne Salon (NSW)

The hair trend: “This beachy glam look gives you that quintessential Aussie ‘It’ girl look, like you've just stepped out of the waves and your hair has dried perfectly. Whether your hair is short or long, this style is great for everyone. The trick is mixing your curl!”

Get the look: “Begin by preparing your clean dry hair with a heat protectant like my Natalie Anne Hair Prep & Play. You're then going to take a straightening iron and section out your hair horizontally, starting at the nape of the neck. Taking small portions in this section, start your curl by placing the straightener on a 45-degree angle. Rotate the straightener once clockwise, and pull the straightener through that section of hair slowly, maintaining that 45-degree angle. This should create a long, loose curl, not a tight bouncy curl. Move up the head by sectioning horizontally then create alternating curls through each section. Once you reach the face, make sure to curl away from the face to open the complexion up. Through the top of the head and the crown, keep the sections small to make sure you highlight that texture detail. Once you have curled the entire head, allow them to cool, and while they are cooling, take your straightener and lightly straighten the ends to enhance that natural beachy look. Do not touch the curl until they have completely cooled. Take your fingers and lightly rake through the curls with your hands to break up the curl. Once you're happy, set with a little light workable hairspray (I like O&M Queenie Hairspray). Be careful not to overwork the curls with your hands as you can make them frizzy. Finish by lightly spraying a texture mist over the entire head and scrunching in for volume and that undone look.”

The products: “Natalie Anne Prep & Play hybrid cream, a straightening styler, O&M Queenie Hairspray, Natalie Anne Lived-In Texture Mist.”

“If you are getting a tight, bouncy curl, you're holding your straightener too flat and need to tip the nose of the straightener further towards the floor.”

Natalie Anne, Australian hairstylist

Short & Shaggy

The hair expert: Ali from Shag Hair (NSW)

The hair trend: “Short and textured, it’s great for your shorter haired girls that want to add dimension and movement. The trick to this look is imperfection. Keep the curl through the mid section of the hair, and keep your straightener more vertical than horizontal.”

Get the look: “Start by sectioning the hair horizontally at the lower portion of the back of the head. Spray a little texture mist into the hair. Using a straightener, go through each section in small pieces, creating irregular, long curls that face different directions. Once you have curled all the way through the head, use a little volumising powder to create height at the scalp by dusting though at the root and gently working in with your fingers. Use a wide tooth comb to seperate the curl, then spray lightly with a texture mist. Scrunch the hair, then when the desired texture is reached, spray with a light hairspray.”

The products: “A straightener or curling tool, volumising powder, a wide-tooth comb, and texture mist.

3D Curls

The hair expert: Chantelle Maree from Chantelle Maree Hair (QLD)

The hair trend: “This summer hair trend is all about enhancing your natural hair texture with lots of dimension and movement. This trend suits curly/wavy hair as it is all about embracing your natural hair and just fine-tuning pieces to help elevate the look.”

Get the look: “You start by layering a texture mist into the hair to help encourage the curl and movement and diffusing this into the hair. This product will help add some volume to your curls, definition and curl memory. After applying texture dust, tip your head upside down and give it a good shake to activate the product. Use your fingers to expand and separate the curls if needed. Then, use a thin styling wand to randomly tweak a few pieces. Ensure you are alternating the curl direction to mimic a natural and organic curl.”

The products: “Diffuser attachment for your blow-dryer, a thin curling wand, a sea salt texture mist and texturising powder.”

“Stay well away from brushes for this look. No brushing through those curls, it's all about scrunching the hair.” 

Chantelle Maree, Australian hairstylist

Curls & Curtain Bangs

The hair expert: Kaine Vakai from Kaine Vakai Artistry (NSW)

The hair trend “This summer, soft curls are complemented with gentle curtain bangs.” 

Get the look: “Start by protecting your hair with a heat protectant (always!). Using a wide barrel curl curling tong, start at the nape of the neck and curl your hair in sections, holding the curling tong horizontally. When you release the curl, wind it back into shape and clip with a blow-out clip until it cools. Work your way up the head in a brick-like pattern, repeating this process. Once you get to the top (mohawk) section, make sure all your curls are facing backwards towards your crown, including your fringe section right on top of your head. Allow to cool. Once the curls have completely cooled, spray with Lived In Texture Mist and give your hair another couple minutes to set. Starting at the nape of the neck, start gently releasing the curls. Once all the curls are placed down, take a tight bristled brush (like a boar bristle brush) and gently brush through each curl to soften. Brush the fringe section forward over the face, then part down the centre. Once you're happy with the position of the fringe, take two setting clips and clip into place at the forehead/brow bone. Spray the hair with hairspray and allow to set. Once you’re ready to go, remove the setting clips and you’re done!

The products: “A large barrel curler, a heat protectant, texture mist, and a workable hairspray like O&M Queenie.



For a salty vibe, we love O&M Surf Bomb. If it’s a dry texture you’re after, reach for O&M Desert Dry Texture Spray.


You’ll use it plenty to straighten your locks, but it will also come in handy to create carefree curls. We recommend Aussie brand Mermade’s Straightener.


With all the sun and surf you’ll be indulging in this season, using a heat protectant on your hair before heat styling is a must. We love Davroe Thermaprotect.


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