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Lisa Teh Australian Beauty Entrepreneur
Lisa Teh Australian Beauty Entrepreneur

Beauty brand founders, Lisa Teh of 101 Lifestyle and Danielle Glover from {SIMPLE as that}, detail the impact COVID-19 has had on the Australian beauty landscape and why it's driven consumers to look a little closer to home for all their beauty products.


Q: What do you love most about the Australian beauty landscape? 


"I love how many new brands are always popping up and Aussie brands are leading the way with product innovation. We more than hold our own against the global brands!" 

Q: How would you define A-Beauty?


"I think A-Beauty is really just a reflection of how most Australians want to live their lives – laid-back, at the beach with minimal fuss. Unlike other global beauty trends, I think A-Beauty strives to produce effective, natural products that are multi-use without the bullsh*t.

Australians generally prefer to be out having fun, not worrying about the chore of complex beauty routines and I think A-Beauty reflects this with the ‘less-is-more’ approach."

"Unlike other global beauty trends, I think A-Beauty strives to produce effective, natural products that are multi-use."

Danielle Glover, Founder of SIMPLE as that

Q: Do you think COVID-19 has had an impact on people’s purchasing habits?


"Definitely! With the uncertainly in overseas shipping, people have looked more to local brands and local retailers when making purchasing decisions."


"I think there’s an element of trust with Australian beauty brands, so I’d say this is definitely the case." 

Q: Are consumers looking a little closer to home for their beauty products these days?


"Absolutely! We are known for our purity of ingredients, incredible formulations and Instagrammable packaging. The customer no longer sees Aussie brands as daggy."


"With so many amazing Australian brands now emerging and growing in popularity, A-Beauty is gaining momentum globally with many consumers seeking to purchase skincare products from Aussie brands."

"The customer no longer sees Aussie brands as daggy."

Lisa Teh, Founder of 101 Lifestyle

Q: Do Australians have tall-poppy syndrome?


"I think in the past this may have been the case but definitely not anymore. Australian beauty brands have well and truly earned their claim to fame on the global beauty stage and consumers are embracing these brands from day one without the need for them to gain notoriety overseas first. A-Beauty is here for the long haul, and rightly so!"

Q: Who is the quintessential face of A-Beauty?


"Model Samantha Harris. Her Indigenous background captures the traditional owners of the land and her mixed ethnicity represents the unique melting pot of our country's DNA. We were really proud to have her on the cover of Australian Beauty. As someone of Asian descent, we still have a long way to go to embrace representation in marketing and in the media, but I'm hoping one day it will be the norm."


Lisa Teh

Lisa Teh, founder of digital marketing agency CODI Agency and co-founder of minimalist lifestyle brand 101 Lifestyle, is one of Australia’s favourite beauty experts. She is also the co-author of best-selling books 'Australian Style' and 'Australian Beauty', and co-founder and Editor of, one of Australia's most popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle websites.
Lisa Teh Australian Beauty Founder
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Danielle Glover

Danielle Glover is a pharmacist and skincare formulator with 15+ years experience in the skincare industry. She is the owner of Australian skincare brand {SIMPLE as that} which launched in 2015 and has since gained a steady cult following, particularly for its vegan sunscreens. In her spare time you will find Danielle practicing yoga, managing three younger humans, and spending time in her happy place by the ocean.
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Simple As That Natural Sunscreen

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