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Words by Montana Purchase

Welcome to the Desk Edit - a series which shines a spotlight on some of Australia’s newest brands and our handpicked favourite a-beauty products. 

When the weather starts to cool down, your body and routine tend to slow down with it. Which is why winter is the perfect time to shift your focus to self-care. Looking after yourself and having sufficient rest can reduce stress and anxiety, and in turn strengthen your immune system, helping you become less susceptible to winter infections. Take time out every day to pamper yourself with nourishing products and indulgent beauty rituals this season. 

Need some inspiration? We were recently sent a selection of self-care beauty products from Australian brands to try. These are our top picks:

Body Hydrators

Our pick: The Travelista Nourishing Body Wash and Nutrient Rich Body Balm

This fresh and nourishing winter hydration combo is reminiscent of a European holiday with fragrant sparkling Italian oranges and cedarwood. The body wash will add to your skin rather than strip with jojoba and rosehip oil for softer, supple skin. Follow it post-shower with this easy-to-spread body balm with essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E to quench your body’s winter thirst and boost elasticity.

My review: "pH balancing is a tick for me when looking for a body wash, and I loved the dreamy citrus scent. I usually opt for a body cream but this balm was super spreadable - a little went a long way and my skin stayed nourished all day. It was great for my dry winter hands and feet, too, leaving them glowing as if I've been on a summer vacation. Plus, The Travelista products are cabin-friendly, so when travel is back on the cards, you can easily keep them on hand to treat in-flight dehydration.”

DIY Facial

Our pick: Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Masks and Rose Quartz Face Roller & Gua Sha 2-in-1

Infused with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, niacinamide and vitamin E, this soothing under-eye mask repairs the skin, reduces wrinkles and plumps the skin around the eye. It’s perfect for combatting morning puffiness while waking up dull and tired skin. Add in the gua sha and face roller tool and you have yourself a fresh-faced complexion, regardless of how much sleep you actually got.

My review: "During the cooler weather, I tend to stay cosy under the duvet for longer. The eye mask helps to combat that overslept puffy eye while the formula’s cooling and refreshing peppermint and chamomile extracts ease me into the morning. These soft-touch masks can also be dissolved in water and then added to your compost. While the eye mask works away, I use the gua sha to wake up my skin. I love using the roller on my cheekbones and under the eyes, and the gua sha end across my brows and forehead. I found it super convenient having the 2-in-1 to swap between.”

Netflix and Mask

Our pick: Divine Woman Ultra Perfecting Mask and Whipd Mr Puff

While some clay masks can be stripping and cause skin purging, this creamy hydrating mask adds nourishment to the skin using hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil. Liquorice extract reduces redness and improves pigmentation, and it’s made in Australia using 85% ACO certified organic ingredients. Reusable and eco-friendly, Mr Puff is made with nano-fibres that reach into fine lines, creases and pores to help  remove your mask effortlessly.

My review: "This mask can be left on overnight for more intense nourishment, so I was happy to sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy my go-to Netflix series without worrying about taking it off within a set timeframe. The creamy texture left my skin soft with a subtle scent resembling cocoa butter. Softer than your usual face cloth, Mr Puff is gentle, plush and velvety on the skin, seeming to remove the product with zero effort or mess. Helping to prevent waste from single use wipes, this reusable cloth went in the wash with my usual laundry. If you’re still using makeup wipes and cotton pads, it’s time to step up your eco game.”

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