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Ali Whittle Australian Beauty Influencer
Ali Whittle Australian Beauty Influencer

Want to know the beauty brands and products you’ll be coveting this year? We spoke to 'Skinfluencer' Ali Whittle about her predictions for what’s hot and what's not in 2021.

Name: Ali Whittle

Instagram: @aliwhittle

Job Description: Journalist, Content Producer and Influencer

A-Beauty Asks

Q: Define A-Beauty

Effortless, undone, less is more, glowing, down to earth, real! I think there’s also a distinct Australian style in our products. The design is always unique and super cute and the products actually work.

Q: Quintessential face of A-Beauty?

So many people come to mind but two off the top of my head are Jessica Vanderleahy and Bella Thomas. I love their approach to beauty. Always super natural and glowing.

Q: Favourite Australian ingredients and why?

There are loads of fantastic Australian ingredients and so many that are rapidly appearing in skincare – and not just in A-Beauty. Some that I love are Kakadu plum, desert lime and quandong. These three keep popping up everywhere.

"I feel best when I do less in regard to hair and makeup."

Ali Whittle

Q: Your go-to hair and makeup?

I feel best when I do less in regard to hair and makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good blow-dry and wave from the hairdresser or makeup done by a professional but day to day, I keep things very easy and low maintenance.

Hair – I am SO beyond low key. I just let it air dry and go – so I’d either wear my hair out, embracing my natural wave or tied back in a low, loose bun.  

Makeup – A glowy primer/illuminating base product with little to no coverage, I sparingly spot conceal any blemishes or redness, a touch of bronzer and add this to my eyes for eyeshadow, a hint of blush, brow gel to brush my brows up and keep them in place, and either a gloss or berry lip stain on my lips.

Q: What does A-Beauty mean to you?

I think A-Beauty is whatever feels right to you. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. What makes me feel comfortable is definitely less makeup, but a really fantastic skincare routine that keeps my skin healthy and hydrated. And lots and lots of sunscreen!

Ali Whittle Holding A-Beauty Discovery Set
Ali Whittle Applying Brow Product

Ali Whittle's 5 Skincare Saviours

1/ The Beauty Chef – Incredible ingestible beauty that focuses on inner wellbeing and gut health

2/ The Jojoba Company – They put jojoba on the map and now everyone is including it in their skincare

3/ Go-To – A peachy treat on any bathroom vanity but also delivers amazing results

4/ Frank Body – Genius scrubs and skincare

5/ Ultra Violette – Best SPF ever

Ali's other noteworthy A-Beauty skincare mentions: Alpha-H, Sand & Sky, Alya Skin, Salt by Hendrix, Minenssey and Grown Alchemist.


  • Ali Whittle / @aliwhittle_

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