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A-beauty gift ideas under $50
A-beauty gift ideas under $50

Beauty products make the best gifts. They can act as little trinkets of self-care, self-confidence or self-discovery. If you want to empower that special someone in your life to be the best version of themselves, then these indulgent (yet affordable) a-beauty goodies are the perfect gifts. And they're all under $50.

For the bathing beauty

OUR PICK: Salt by Hendrix Cocosoak Rose, $29.95

Sometimes we all need a little nudge to carve out some ‘me’ time. This bath soak is exactly that for your special someone. The coconut milk formula will leave their skin pampered and soft, while the rose petals add that luxurious element to their bath time. 

For the modern beauty

OUR PICK: Eros Omorphos Strong Coral Red, $35

A red lipstick is a true power player in anyone’s makeup kit. It can give them confidence and lift their look with a single swipe. Instead of a classic red, which they probably already have, gift them this modern bold crimson lipstick with orange undertones. 

A-beauty gift guide under $20
Who is Elijah Discover Set Fragrances

For the adventurous beauty

OUR PICK: Who is Elijah Discovery Set, $29

Fragrances are an extension of our personalities, and this sample set of Who is Elijah fragrances is perfect for those who like to wear theirs on their pulse points. Each of the three scents are unexpected, unique and sure to make it into their regular rotation.

For the holistic beauty

OUR PICK: Theseeke Rose Quartz Facial Roller, $49.95 

The ancient technique of facial rolling has experienced a recent revival and it’s not just the contouring, de-puffing and skin tightening benefits that will win them over. Rose quartz is believed to have healing and energising perks for our health, wellbeing and skin. Often referred to as the ‘love stone’, the simple act of rolling this crystal roller over their face may help your loved one experience feelings of warmth, peace and unconditional love - which let’s be honest, we could all use a lot more of after the year that was 2020. 

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