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A-beauty Summer Discovery Kit pouches
A-beauty Summer Discovery Kit pouches

After a week full of inspiring and beauty-filled interviews with some of Australia’s favourite makeup artists, brand founders, beauty experts and 'skinfluencers' - we wanted to share some of our own favourite Australian brands, the products we have on high rotation and what we are lusting after this summer.


Q: Go-to Australian ingredient?

Jamee: "Finger lime would have to be my pick for top Australian ingredient. It is a gentle exfoliant rich in AHAs to breakdown and dissolve dead skin cells and is gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area. Native to North Queensland’s rainforests, it is also rich in vitamin C, which makes it a great multitasker."

Chelsea: "Emu apple as my skin craves hydration year-round and emu apple is a great native humectant that helps skin to retain moisture. It also calms skin, fades pigmentation, increases collagen production, and most importantly, helps boost your skin’s natural glow, which I am all about."

Montana: "Quandong because of its high vitamin C content. As a surfer growing up in Australia, I need all of the help I can get to fight sun damage."

Jade: "Jojoba and hemp seed oil. While not technically native Australian ingredients, I think jojoba is perfect for every step of a beauty routine - from removing makeup and cleansing to hydrating. Hemp seed oil in particular is a great carrier oil for hair treatments."

Q: Favourite Australian beauty brand?

Jamee: "Aesop would have to be one of my go-to Australian beauty brands. Their products really take you on a sensorial journey right from the beginning. The brand has such a strong visual presence; I mean who doesn’t love their packaging or walking into one of their beautifully designed stores."

Chelsea: "Ultra Violette. Here in Australia, wearing sunscreen every day is so important, but it’s always felt like a chore to me…until Ultra Violette came onto the a-beauty scene. Their sunscreens are more like luxurious skincare formulas and I actually enjoy wearing them. My favourite is the Supreme Screen SPF 50+ - the formula is hydrating, non-greasy and has that all-important top level broad-spectrum SPF 50+ coverage that is a must in Australia."

Montana: "I love Ere Perez because of their simple and natural formulas. I am super low maintenance and love using minimal products that still deliver strong results."

Jade: "For skincare, I usually frequent Biome to stock up on their in-house brand that's 100% cruelty free, palm oil free, and free from synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals, and fragrances. My approach is very much 'less is more'. The more multipurpose the brand and its products are, the better."

Favourite Australian sunscreen products
Inside Aesop store

Q: Why do you think it's important to support Australian brands now and in the future?

Jamee: "Now is the time to be more conscious of where our products come from; this not only extends to beauty and fashion but also to the foods we eat. After a rough 2020 there are a lot of small businesses doing it tough and I think as consumers we need to start celebrating and embracing our own homegrown brands a lot more."

Chelsea: "Not only is it so humbling to know you’re supporting fellow Australians when you buy from A-Beauty brands, but the quality of the products are so impressive that really it’s a no-brainer. Australia has some of the best and most premium products I’ve ever come across (and with over 10 years of experience as a Beauty Editor, it’s fair to say I’ve tried A LOT of products from all corners of the world)."

Montana: "When you are supporting Australian brands, you are supporting your neighbours, family and friends. In one way or another, buying Australian comes back around to positively affect those around you."

Jade: "The world around us is definitely shifting; last year in particular was pivotal for me in terms of re-aligning my values and consumer behaviour. The more we can focus on and support our own backyard the better."

Q: Who is the quintessential Australian beauty?

Jamee: "Isabelle Lucas – I just think she is the epitome of natural, carefree beauty."

Chelsea: "Jennifer Hawkins – I love her easy-going and pared-back approach to beauty and am super envious of her always-flawless tousled beach waves." 

Montana: "How can you choose just one?! I would have to say Margot Robbie, Billie Jean, Phoebe Tonkin, and Charlee Fraser. Our country is represented by such diverse and beautiful faces."

Jade: "I think the everyday Australian woman is the prefect representation of Australian beauty. We have an effortless and laid-back approach to skincare and makeup, which is refreshing."

Australian model beauty
Isabel Lucas Australian beauty

Q: What Australian and international products are in your makeup kit this summer?

Jamee: "Browko brow soap is my number one this summer – I am all about the brows. My Tribe Type Wild + Free Face Oil, whilst not specifically a makeup item, is helping me create a dewy and glowy base for the rest of my products. Ere Perez Arnica Concealer - my day-to-day makeup really is a 'less is more', 'no makeup' makeup look so I use this to get rid of any redness."

Chelsea: "Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint for that glowing summer skin coverage, Ere Perez Avocado Waterproof Mascara for softly enhanced lashes with a waterproof finish, and Eye of Horus Summer Solstice Eyeshadow Palette for a one-stop summer eye palette."

Montana: "Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot in Happy for lips and cheeks, RMS Eye Polish in Myth for a little shine, and Theseeke Rose Otto Hydration Mist to set my makeup."

Jade: "Eco Tan Face Tan Water with natural hyaluronic acid so there's no need for foundation, Seed & Sprout Tinted Sunscreen 50+ for a light coverage and protection, and Biome 100% Pure Witch Hazel Organic Face Mist to soothe and cool."


Jamee Parker – Creative Director and Founder

The early days of Jamee’s career were carved out in a beauty and lifestyle PR agency based in Sydney, before she moved on to roles at Grazia magazine and global fashion brand Billabong. She then took on the role of Global Brand Manager at one of Australia’s top skincare brands - Alpha-H. Having worked with the likes of Sephora globally, Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols and Cult Beauty, Jamee lives and breathes all things beauty.

Chelsea Tromans – Content Editor 

As our Content Editor, Chelsea is in charge of The Edit. Between researching the latest trends and beauty breakthroughs, trialling new A-Beauty products (all in the name of research!), and working with Australia’s leading beauty experts, Chelsea is the A-Beauty guru and the one we flock to for beauty hints and tips. She has over 10+ years of experience as a Beauty Editor and has worked on leading print and digital publications including marie claire, InStyle, Beauty Crew, and Women’s Health.

Montana Purchase – Digital Marketing Coordinator

Dividing her time between Italy and the Gold Coast to complete her studies, Montana started her career in digital marketing in 2018. As an exhibited photographer with a lust for travelling the world in search of the perfect wave, Monte has worked with some of Australia’s top brands such as Rhythm and She Made Me.

Jade Fook – Digital Designer

With over six years' industry experience across fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Jade has built a unique skill set across a broad range of areas including graphic design, digital marketing, social media management, content creation, photography and ecommerce management.


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