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Mums give the best advice. Especially when it comes to beauty. They’re often the ones who initiate us into the world of face creams, hair removal, self-care and beyond. 

Whether it’s through sharing their beauty fails so we can learn from their mistakes or revealing their tried and tested tips, their influence and advice often become life lessons that we greatly treasure and continue to pass down for generations. 

Given they clearly know a thing or two about beauty, we reached out to some of Australia’s leading beauty brand founders to find out what words of wisdom their own mothers passed down to them that they still live by. 

Listen and learn.


Mukti, Mukti Organics founder

Vanessa Megan Gray Lyndon, Vanessa Megan founder

Sarah Hamilton, Sand & Sky co-founder

Nadine Monley, Beauty Dept. founder 


Q: What’s the best beauty advice your mum has given you?


Always carry a small bottle of facial oil in your handbag. It acts as an all-purpose product in case you need a spruce up. Plus, remember to moisturise the backs of your hands. The skin is delicate and similar to the skin under your eyes and ages faster than anywhere else."


“The best beauty advice my mum ever gave me was to not sleep on my side or my stomach. Sleeping in the supine position means we sleep facing upright which reduces the chance of wrinkles due to the lack of friction from the pillow. It's advice that I follow to this day and will share one day with my daughter."


“Beauty should be simple and really starts with skincare. The Clinique 5-step skincare process was my introduction to skincare."


“Less is more and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate… and always get enough sleep."

Q: What beauty tips or habits have you picked up from your mum?


Add a teaspoon of charcoal in water before bed if you’ve been drinking; get 8 hours of sleep; and have a large glass of water with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice upon waking."


My mum always had tips and tricks for all types of ailments. I picked up my mum’s home remedy attitude 20 years ago when I began making my own skincare. My favourite home remedy hack I learnt from my mother is her yoghurt face mask. It moisturises and evens the skin tone and reduces redness immediately because of all the wonderful lactic acids in the yoghurt. Organic Greek yoghurt is best as it doesn’t slide off the skin."


Makeup is kept to a minimum; I think both my mum and I take five minutes to put makeup on. She taught me that healthy food and lifestyle are an important factor in good skin - maybe it is the fact that mum and I can’t cook but food was always super healthy and fresh. As kids we would eat a bowl of salad while everyone else was digging into the chips. Lastly, you shouldn’t be seen with dirty or wet hair.. my mum’s hair is perfect every time she leaves the house.. I’ve let her down a bit but I am trying!"


“My mum had great skin and always used oils for cleansing and hydrating. I have carried this over into my product range using organic natural oils in our Hydrate face pads."

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