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When you play with beauty products for a living like Eleanor Pendleton does, your personal routine tends to look like a who's who of the best in beauty. When we recently interviewed the Gritty Pretty Editor-in-Chief, we asked her the number one question we all really want to know: What are her favourite Australian beauty products?

For any Beauty Editor, it’s hard to pick just a few favourites - especially when it comes to homegrown options. There are so many incredible brands and products that are made here in Australia. But Eleanor was kind enough to whittle her list down to 10 of her favourite Australian beauty brands.

Here are Eleanor Pendleton’s Holy Grail a-beauty buys:


“That’s a big question! I believe Sodashi was probably the first clean beauty brand before clean beauty or natural or organic was a trend. I love their formulations and I think the Lime Clay Cleanser is so beautiful. I love it in the mornings because it’s so invigorating; having that citrus just wakes you up. But they also have a Lavender Clay Cleanser that is so lovely in the evenings to help you unwind before bed.” 

Kora Organics

Kora Organics is another one that I love. I think it’s so great that Miranda Kerr has invested into COSMOS certification. Off the top of my head, some of the products I love are the Noni Face Glow Oil; I love the Turmeric Brightening Mask - but it’s more like an exfoliating scrub. It is fantastic: When you use this scrub you honestly notice a difference and I feel that if my skin is feeling just a bit tired or dull and I use that mask and give my skin a really good scrub, I can visibly see the difference afterwards. And I’ve also just been testing her new one, the Turmeric Moisturizer. I love that she’s gone with the refillable packaging.”

Who is Elijah

“What else…I’m quite into this relatively new fragrance line, Who is Elijah. They have a scent that is called His/Her. It’s quite unisex - I really love that fragrance. I think if you’re a Santal 33 lover, you’ll like that one.” 

Bangn Body

“I love Bangn Body’s Illuminating Lotion. It’s the right amount of sheen not shimmer. Think when you’re going for a body lotion, you want just a little bit of light-reflecting pigment but not so much that it looks like you’re wearing… remember Chi Chi back in the day?... you don’t want to look like you’re wearing Chi Chi! This illuminating lotion just gives you a really nice healthy glow and I love the fact that they source their green coffee extract from Byron Bay.”


“I’ve had a couple of new Aussie brands that have come across my desk that I like. There’s one that has come out of Melbourne that’s called Arithmos. It’s just a really small brand of body oils. I think there are only three variations. But the Jasmine one, which I think is called Uplift, is divine. It smells like pure night blooming jasmine: that scent just reminds me of my childhood home growing up - we had this beautiful jasmine bush in the backyard and it instantly reminds me of that.” 


“There’s another new brand that has come across my desk called Biode and it’s a waste-free brand. Everything from the box is home compostable and they do bars, so face cleansing bars, shampoo bars. I just love their ethos: everything from the home compostable boxes, they use vegetable inks; it’s just done really well, simple, really easy sustainable beauty.”


“I love Alpha-H; I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Liquid Gold, In terms of chemical exfoliants, I reckon it’s one of two that are the best in the world (the other being that one from Biologique Recherche and I definitely think Liquid Gold is on par with that one).”  

Eye of Horus

“What else do I love? Another Byron Bay brand that I love is Eye of Horus. Their Goddess Mascara is excellent. It’s a really great mascara; I’ve got that on today.”


Lanolips - we all love Lanolips. Every beauty editor has 101 Ointment in their bag. I particularly like the Peach Fruities.”

Ultra Violette

“Oh, and Ultra Violette! Hands down. I alternate between their sunscreens but I love the Supreme Screen with chemical SPF 50. I also love the Queen Screen for when I feel like I need that extra illumination. Like if I’ve had a rough night and Banjo [Eleanor’s little boy] hasn’t slept then I use that as my sunscreen. And lately I’ve been getting into their mineral SPF 50 for days when I want to matte my skin a little bit. So it might be in summer when I might be on the oilier side, I’ll go for the purple one. But mostly I alternate between Supreme Screen and Queen Screen.”

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