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Correct way to apply fragrance
Who is Elijah Her Fragrance
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Correct way to apply fragrance

Chances are you put a lot of time and effort into choosing your fragrance. You probably invested a fair bit of money in it too. So the last thing you want is to spray it on in the morning only to have all traces of your signature scent disappear before lunchtime. 

When it comes to applying fragrance, the where, when and what all matter. Getting the application right won’t just prolong the wear of your fragrance, it will enhance the scent. Follow these tips to correctly apply your fragrance for longer-lasting results.

Spray it onto your pulse points

The heat from your body helps activate and diffuse your fragrance, and increases its longevity. Fragrances should be applied to the warmest parts of your body - your pulse points - like the wrists, inside the elbows, on the neck, inside the belly button, and behind the ears.

Another great spot to apply fragrance is the top of your ears - this area is oilier than behind your ears so it does a great job of holding the scent throughout the day. Tip: Fragrances last longer on hydrated skin so make sure your skin is well nourished before you spritz. 

Don't rub your wrists together

For some reason, it’s ingrained in many of us to rub our wrists together after applying fragrance, but this is a big no-no. The friction breaks up the molecules of a perfume, causing the top notes to evaporate faster. Fragrances should be left to sit on the skin where it can bind with your natural oils, so there’s no need to do anything other than let it dry after you’ve applied it.

Apply onto damp skin

The best time to spritz your fragrance is right after you’ve showered. Moisture on your skin helps lock in the scent so applying your perfume to damp skin will enhance its longevity. Wait for the fragrance to dry on your skin (this shouldn’t take much more than a minute or two) before getting dressed - you don’t want to accidentally rub it straight off!

Alternatively, you can apply an unscented moisturiser beforehand to help the scent ‘stick’ to your skin.

Don’t shake your fragrance bottle

Shaking your fragrance bottle creates air bubbles, which can impact the shelf life and scent’s integrity. Perfumes should always sit upright on your vanity and you should replace the cap straight after use. 

Spritz sparingly

Getting the balance right of how much fragrance to apply can be tricky. For the most part, less is more. Some fragrances are more potent than others (you’ll need less spritzes of an eau de parfum than you will an ea de toilette, for example) and some notes have a stronger staying power than others (woody notes linger longer than fruity notes).

As a general rule, apply only one spritz of a parfum, up to three spritzes of an EDP, and for an EDT, you can apply it more liberally if you want. If you can smell your fragrance after half an hour, you’ve put enough on.


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