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The Base Body Co Afterglow Supplement Powder
Model applying St Palm Summerfields Body Oil
The Base Body Co Afterglow Supplement Powder
Model applying St Palm Summerfields Body Oil

We’re in the final home stretch to that time of year when we can finally take a break from work and reconnect with our families and friends. And while the end is so close, sometimes it’s these final weeks that are the hardest.

There’s so much to do and so much going on that we neglect to take time out to focus on ourselves and our wellbeing. And the last thing you want come Christmas is to crash and burn.

These new a-beauty products will help you slow down, pamper yourself and leave you feeling revitalised.

Best for inside-out beauty

OUR PICK: The Base Body Co After Glow

If there are two things we need a helping hand with in the warmer months, it’s keeping our hydration levels topped up and protecting our skin from free radical damage (two of the unfortunate downsides of all that sunshine). To tackle both concerns - and boost collagen production while you’re at it - sip on this wellness supplement daily. The Base Body Co After Glow contains marine collagen, organic tremella mushroom and five potent antioxidant-rich berries, and tastes like a bowl full of summer fruits.

Best for a full-body sensory experience

OUR PICK: St. Palm Summerfields Bath + Body Oil

We are all about products that actually work, but to get the most out of our beauty routine it’s also important to ignite all your senses - especially touch and smell. That’s what we love about St. Palm’s new Summerfields Body Oil. The luxurious blend of organic cold-pressed plant oils and botanical extracts leave you feeling pampered but absorb easily so your skin is left nourished not greasy. And those delicate floral notes combined with uplifting citrus and a soft woody scent will transport you to a summer’s day with one drop.

Best for putting you in a good mood

OUR PICK: Bondi Sands Tropical Rum Body Moisturiser

2020 has been a rough year, so nobody would blame you for wanting to lather your skin in the scent of tropical rum if that’s what it takes to get you out of bed in the morning. The beachy fragrance of Bondi Sands’ new Tropical Rum Body Moisturiser will put you (and those around you) in a good mood while its vitamin E and jojoba-enriched formula will hydrate sun-drenched skin and prolong the life of your tan. 

The last thing you want come Christmas is to crash and burn.


Best for serious skincare fanatics

OUR PICK: Alpha-H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum

If you’re looking for the next new thing to fight the signs of ageing, Alpha-H’s latest serum is bound to impress. The first in the industry to combine two of the most powerful age-defying skin revitalisers – Glycolic Acid (14%) and Granactive Retinoid (1%) - their Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum is formulated to support your skin’s collagen and hyaluronic acid production and encourage skin turnover to reveal brighter, more youthful skin.

Best for an indulgent at-home facial massage

OUR PICK: Salt by Hendrix Shape Babe Face Roller

If you thought your shoulders were feeling tense from a stressful year, imagine how tight your facial muscles are. Salt by Hendrix’s chic Shape Babe Face Roller is designed to gently massage your face to relieve tension while simultaneously shaping and sculpting your jaw and cheekbones.

Top tip: Apply your go-to serum first, then massage it into your skin with this face roller. It will help boost the product’s penetration.

Best for good hair days, even in the heat

OUR PICK: Amoris Beauty Rejuvenating Hair Mask

Humidity and high heats are no friend of unhealthy hair. If you just can’t seem to have a good hair day, then you need to up your hair mask game. Newcomer to the a-beauty scene, Amoris Beauty Rejuvenating Hair Mask is a nourishing treat for damaged strands. Each tub of pink goodness is packed with argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and baobab seed, which together repair and intensely condition hair to restore its shine and elasticity. This hair mask also provides protection against UV and sea water aggression, which you'll be thankful for in summer.



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