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Self-Care Rituals - Sun-drenched bedroom
Self-Care Rituals - Sun-drenched bedroom

Self-care should be a part of our daily lives. Even the smallest time out to focus on our breathing or sipping on herbal tea can help enhance our energy or reduce our stress. And yes, skincare counts as self-care. 

While mini daily self-care rituals can make a big difference to our overall health and wellbeing, we could all do better. Delegating our Sundays to indulging deeper in our self-care practices makes perfect sense. It’s a great way to round off the week and ring in the beginning of a new one with a fresh mindset. And your beauty routine is a great place to put into practice some simple self-care beauty rituals. 

Give yourself a facial massage

Facial massages are more than just relaxing, they offer a wealth of skin benefits. Especially when used in conjunction with a jade roller or gua sha tool. These ancient tools help stimulate circulation, release tension in the facial muscles, decrease puffiness, aid in lymphatic drainage, and enhance the penetration of your skincare products. The slow, intentional movements and cool touch of the stone against your skin further enhance the whole experience. 

To use your jade roller, start at your neck and remember to use light pressure. Apply your serums and moisturiser first, then roll the jade roller over your skin in an upwards direction. When rolling over the face, always start in the centre and massage outwards. If you're using a gua sha tool, apply a face oil first to lubricate the skin.

Tip: Don’t rush the process - take your time and enjoy the tension-relieving results as the jade roller or gua sha releases your tight muscles.

Slow down your skincare routine

Hands up who’s guilty of speeding through their skincare routine in a few minutes or less? We understand the appeal of keeping your regimen low-fuss and efficient. But every now and again, it pays to slow down and really experience each of the steps.

As you apply your cleanser to damp skin, really massage it in for a few minutes to thoroughly remove all makeup and grime. When it comes to applying your treatment products like a serum and moisturiser, take note of the formula’s scent and how the texture feels against your skin as you smooth it on. Be present in each step of your routine and think about how it makes you (and your skin) feel.

Tip: Use a muslin cloth to buff your cleanser over your skin for an even deeper clean.

Do a deep clean of your beauty tools

You know that feeling of accomplishment and relief whenever you do a spring clean? The same applies when you give your makeup kit a good clean. It can be so therapeutic, especially when you think about all the good you’re doing for your skin as you get rid of any built-up bacteria that could lead to breakouts and any residue that may be messing with your makeup application and the colour payoff of your products.

You should aim to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week with a gentle soap or brush cleaner. Don’t forget to regularly clean your jade roller, gua sha, derma roller and cleansing brushes, too. 

Avoid soaking your brushes in water as it can dissolve the glue and cause your bristles to fall out. Rinse them under lukewarm running water, squeeze out the excess water, reshape the bristles and leave your brushes to dry on their side.


Treat your skin to a multi-mask session

Sometimes one mask just isn't enough. It’s rare that we’re ever battling with just the one skin concern at a time, which is why you may need to layer multiple masks to get the best results. During your Self-Care Sunday session, take the time to really assess your skin to figure out what it needs most.

When it comes to multi-masking, you have two choices: you can apply several masks at once only where they’re needed, or you can layer masks. Always start with thicker mask formulas like clay masks that purify or exfoliate and finish with an ultra-moisturising one that helps restore your skin’s hydration levels so you end on a glowing note.  

Tip: Once the mask(s) is on, just sit back and relax. Take in those full 10 minutes of quiet time - no multitasking allowed!

Prioritise treatments that require extra time and patience

Hair masks are great, but it’s not often you have a spare 15 minutes to leave one in and let it work its magic. Or apply a chemical exfoliant and give it a good 10 minutes to activate before washing it off. Six days out of the week, that excuse is totally legit. But on Self-Care Sunday, we recommend you make the time.

Other steps you might want to add into your Self-Care Sunday routine include teeth whitening, derma rolling, and a chemical peel.

Switch off your mind but switch on your senses

What’s a self-care session without some much-needed down time. While you should indulge in activities that help you switch off your mind - soaking in a hot bath, meditating - try to simultaneously switch on your senses. Light a candle, spray a fragrance that evokes a special memory or emotion, or give yourself a massage with a scented body oil to nourish your skin and olfactory sense at the same time.


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