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Here at a-beauty, we are all about supporting local and championing the incredible offering of beauty products and inspirational beauty brands that are homegrown in Australia.

When you buy Australian beauty products, you aren’t just stocking up on products made to some of the highest standards in the world. We asked some of the founders from Australia's leading beauty brands to share their thoughts on why we need to buy Australian made beauty products.

Sara Ayres, The Base Body Co. Founder

For us it's important to support local communities and other small Australian businesses. It's environmentally friendly and gives us peace of mind having a better understanding of the steps our products and packaging have taken before they arrive with us.”

Kat Lyster, Ere Perez Head of PR and Communications 

“Buying Australian can reduce our carbon footprint. If the product doesn’t have to be imported, there is a saving on energy for sure, so it is better for the environment.”

Kate Curcio, Salt by Hendrix Brand Manager 

Australian brands and products are doing incredible things, particularly in the beauty sector. As an Australian brand, we work really closely with our Australian botanic extract suppliers, using sustainably sourced ingredients that support local indigenous communities. Australian brands supporting Australian supply channels really strengthens our economy and there is a beautiful purity in the products going to market as a result." 

“We are so proud of Australia’s advancement and international respect for our formulas and active inclusions. We are always amazed at the credibility Australian beauty brands have around the world.”

Kate Curcio, Salt by Hendrix Brand Manager 

Sharon McGlinchey, MV Skintherapy Founder 

“'Tall poppy syndrome’ is so yesterday; we should be incredibly proud of the products that Australian brands are producing. We are innovators and we are inspired by our unique environment, which means that an Australian-made product is typically a bespoke 'Australian-appropriate' piece, considering our culture, climate, and behaviours.” 

Cait Provan, Eye of Horus Community Manager 

"There are so many reasons we should seek out Australian-made products. Australian products have been known to be of very high quality, safe to use, made ethically with fair workers’ rights and an increasing amount of Australian businesses are already well on their path to being an eco-friendly sustainable business.”

Nadine Monley, Beauty Dept. Founder

“The quality and ingredients in Australia are world-class. The locally sourced raw materials that we’ve used are proven to give the best results. There is a transparency with certified Australian-made products so that the consumer knows exactly what they are getting, and an accountability in the manufacturing process.”

“Covid has made people look to locally-made products in all areas – not just beauty - and appreciate the wealth of resources we have in this incredible country.”

Nadine Monley, Beauty Dept. Founder

Renee Moore, Cinch Skin Founder

“It's so important now, more than ever, to keep jobs local and stimulate the economy. Australia is all about community spirit and there is no better or easier way to show that spirit than to support Australian-made and owned. Keeping manufacturing on shore is also a great step towards supporting sustainability.”

Emmie Corrie, The Kind Sunscreen Founder 

"Some reasons to seek out Australian brands and products include higher quality, traceability, fair work conditions, environmental accountability, circular economy, and ongoing opportunities for small to medium (and most importantly, regional) businesses to grow.” 

Rachelle Pantalleresco, Tihson Founder

When customers actively seek out Australian brands they are giving everyday Aussie businesses a fighting chance. They are enabling us to go head-to-head with offshore competitors, a lot of which produce their goods under poor working conditions."

When you buy Australian-made you can have the confidence that the people who've made your products are treated fairly and live with the knowledge that you are supporting other Aussies just like you.

Rachelle Pantalleresco, Tihson Founder

Australian Made Logo

When looking for Australian-made beauty products, keep an eye out for the green and yellow 'Australian Made' logo. Products that have this logo on their packaging have been carefully vetted to ensure they meet the strict criteria set out in the Australian Consumer Law and the AMAG Logo Code of Practice. 

a-beauty is proud to be an official and accredited Australian Made Retail Supporter. 


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