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A-beauty Australian model on beach
A-beauty Australian model on beach

Here in Australia, our approach to beauty follows a ‘less is more’ mantra. Glowing skin and barely-there makeup are everyday a-beauty staples and we gravitate towards minimal no-fuss skincare routines (that still deliver great results) over complicated 10-step regimens that put the likes of Korean beauty, aka k-beauty, on the map. 

In recent years, our signature attitude to beauty has caught the eye of other countries, which has led to the growing a-beauty trend worldwide. 

So, what is a-beauty and why is the world suddenly so obsessed with our way of doing things? Here’s everything you need to know about the a-beauty trend.

What is a-beauty?

The Australian beauty trend, known as a-beauty, favours natural beauty in every sense of the word - pure natural ingredients, au naturel looks and embracing the best versions of ourselves.

We prefer a pared-back minimalist approach to beauty, not unlike our laid-back attitude to life in general. Australians are known around the world for living our best lives, putting more importance on soaking up sunshine and lazing by the beach than being slaves to our desk jobs.

In our beauty routines, the emphasis is on using less products, while still ensuring we get the same great results. We prefer taking a gentler approach rather than a ‘go hard or go home’ attitude by using formulas that use pure and natural ingredients, where possible. And we are all for multitasking products that speed up our getting ready time. 

a-beauty, short for Australian beauty, is a global trend inspired by the laid-back Australian way of life that embraces natural beauty through a simple and effective beauty routine.


How beauty differs around the world

Every country has a unique approach to beauty. Korean Beauty is renowned for its elaborate and lengthy 10-step skincare routines and use of quirky ingredients (snail mucin, anyone?) and innovative products like pore vacuum cleaners and cushion compacts. 

The French are similar to us in that they follow a minimalist approach to their beauty routines, however they’re no strangers to indulging in monthly facials. From an early age they start building their skincare regimens, taking pleasure in the process and putting in the work early on to ensure they age gracefully. 

J-Beauty favours high-quality formulas backed by science and routines inspired by age-old Japanese rituals and ceremonies. Their dedication to skincare is unwavering and commendable, but their approach can feel more like a chore than an enjoyable part of their days.

In Australia, we don’t take ourselves, or our beauty routines, too seriously. Except when it comes to sunscreen - but more on that later. We’re adventurous with our makeup, when the occasion calls for it, but if we had to choose between a full face of makeup and going bare, the latter would win hands down every time.

The power of Australia’s native ingredients

Australia’s harsh climate and rugged landscapes may seem like tough conditions to grow great ingredients, but it's these ruthless environments that has led to Australia producing some incredibly resilient native plants that work wonders when applied to our skin. Their high levels of antioxidants are part of the reason they’re able to survive - and thrive - in our environment. When applied to our skin, these antioxidant-rich natives can help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and protect it from environmental aggressors like UV damage.

Not familiar with our homegrown super ingredients? Check out our list of top Australian ingredients making waves in the skincare world.


A-beauty products from Ultra Violette, Lanolips and tbh skincare
What is a-beauty?

Tips for embracing the a-beauty trend:

1/ Sunscreen is the most important step in our beauty routines. No ifs, buts or maybes. 

2/ When you have good skin, you don’t need much makeup. If you’re going to put any effort into your beauty routine, focus on cleansing, protecting and moisturising your skin.

3/ A bronze tan is the perfect wake-up-and-go accessory. Sun-kissed skin (of course, we’re talking about the bottled kind - see tip #1) instantly makes you looks more radiant, smoother and healthier from head to toe. 

4/ A healthy lifestyle is at the heart of a-beauty. When you feel good, you look good. It’s that simple.



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