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5 minutes with Base Camp Beauty’s Ashlea Penfold

The secret to flawless makeup is great skin, according to Australian makeup artist Ashlea Penfold“As a makeup artist, skin is the most important part of makeup to me,” says Ashlea. “When the model's skin looks great and they feel the effects, they also feel de-stressed and are more calm. It honestly makes such a difference!”

By the time a model arrives on set, you’d expect there’s little a makeup artist can do to improve their skin besides hide it under layers of foundation and concealer, but Ashlea has an unexpected weapon in her makeup kit: A gua sha tool.

That’s what led Ashlea to launch her own beauty brand, Base Camp Beauty, which aims to inspire others to take care of themselves and their skin. 

We spoke to Base Camp Beauty’s founder Ashlea Penfold to find out her top tips for using a gua sha and for an inside look into her own beauty routine.

The fundamentals of a good beauty routine

“I think taking a little extra time for your skincare is incredibly important –not only for your makeup application and skin health– but to mentally feel like you’re looking after yourself. I love layering my skincare at night and then giving myself a gua sha massage. It doesn’t have to be for long, but it just makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself.”

The birth of Base Camp Beauty

“I have been using gua sha tools as a skin prep for years on shoots before applying makeup on my models. Everyone always asked me what it was as they could see the difference in their face after using it. At the time I hadn’t seen many other variants other than Jade and Rose Quartz. So I started doing some research and tried and tested many shapes and I definitely loved our square U-shape with the groove – I love the way it hugged the face.”

Base Camp Beauty's Tiger's Eye Gua Sha can be used with your skincare products and prior to your makeup application to sculpt and lift the face, reduce puffiness, dark circles, and inflammation, and increase the absorption of skincare products.

Beauty guilty pleasures

Besides using her luxe gua sha tool on the regular, Ashlea isn't shy about treating herself. “My top guilty pleasures are eye masks, finding the perfect serums, perfumes and fragrances.

Ashlea’s simple skincare routine

“I have very sensitive skin so my skincare is very simple. I cleanse using Aspect Purastat 5 Cleanser. About twice a week I use the SQIN Glow Exfoliator, which is so good for brightening up my skin. Following that, I’ll use the Murad Recovery Serum, then I will apply a little of the Clarins Blue Orchid Oil and use my gua sha lifting tool to help my skincare soak in. My last step is the By Terry Hyaluronic Acid Global Face Cream.

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"My beauty mantra is keep it simple and fresh."

Ashlea Penfold, Australian makeup artist

5 beauty products she can’t live without

Ashlea is the queen of gorgeous golden complexions, nude tones, and accentuating natural beauty. So it's no surprise that her go-to products include “Elle Effect self tan, cream blush, a stone-coloured lip pencil, my gua sha and sunscreen.”

What’s next for Base Camp Beauty

Base Camp Beauty may only include one product at the moment, but Ashlea plans to add more skincare and makeup essentials that form a quality base for any beauty routine. “We have lots of exciting things coming very soon. We can’t wait to share!” 

Ashlea’s top 3 tips for using a gua sha tool

1 / Use a good face oil or serum.
2 / Hold your gua sha quite low to your face as it gives the most contact between the tool and the skin, allowing more effectiveness for moving fluid under the skin.
3 / After we have been stimulating the skin and muscle with a gua sha, it’s important to drink water to flush out your system. 

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