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I find it hard to resist buying new beauty products on any given day, let alone when a great sale is happening. When it comes to discounted goodies, it’s hard to beat the bargains you’ll find during the Vogue Online Shopping Night (VOSN). This time around, we’re super excited to be part of the shopping action - offering an amazing discount across our entire range of curated Australian beauty products.  

In case you needed a little inspiration for what to add to cart, here’s what I have on my personal VOSN wishlist:

Vogue Online Shopping Night is a two-day only sale happening on September 14 & 15, 2021. Stay tuned for our unique discount code and sale details. All will be revealed soon. 

Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation

I am so excited that we just launched the Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation on a-beauty. I am already a big fan of the Oat Milk Foundation but my favourite type of foundation is definitely a serum foundation, especially coming into the warmer months. I love how breathable they feel on skin and how they treat while providing just enough coverage to conceal imperfections but still let your natural skin shine through. I usually gravitate towards foundations that have a dewy finish, but I’m keen to give this one’s lightweight matte finish a try for something different.


Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss

I have had my eye on the entire range of Goldfield & Banks fragrances ever since we added it to our curated edit of Australian scents. They just look so luxe and pretty, but more than that I love how each one is inspired by an Australian landscape. If I had to pick just one to buy, I would have to go with the Pacific Rock Moss. It had me at “ inspired by the refreshing sea spray scent of ocean waves hitting the rocks on a summer day.” 


Base Camp Beauty Tiger's Eye Gua Sha

I recently interviewed the team at SSKIN for a story I’m writing about gua sha tools and now I really want to add one to my own skincare regimen. But not just any gua sha - I have my eye on the gorgeous Base Camp Beauty one. It’s made from Tiger’s Eye, which I’ve never seen before. I had a play with one in the a-beauty office and I really love its U-shape. It hugs the contours of your jawline for a really deep massage. I need this in my life!


Beauty Dept Hydrate Essential Oil Face Pads

I’ve had my eye on these ever since we launched our e-store last year. I was intrigued and albeit a bit confused about what they did when we first stocked them. They’re makeup removing pads, but you can also use them to hydrate and prep your skin pre-makeup application, which is how I plan to work them into my existing routine. They’re good for dryness (guilty!) and help your skin look more glowy (yes please!). I especially love that they’re biodegradable. 


Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara

I’ll admit I don’t currently use an Australian mascara so I’d like to change that. This one has been on my radar ever since Eleanor Pendelton recommended it during my interview with her recently. It has the mascara trifecta: it lengthens, curls, and volumises. I also like that it’s water-resistant, which is handy coming into beach weather.


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