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As one of Australia’s top makeup artist, Tanielle Jai is renowned for her bronzy glows, smokey eyes, brown wings and a pouty lip. But this summer she’s trading in her golden hues for bold pops of pink and glossy illuminated finishes that glisten in the sun.

Here, Tanielle shares her top makeup trend predictions for the summer of 2023.

Barbie Doll Blush

The makeup trend: “Hayley Bieber has led the way in bringing the glossy Barbie doll pink cheek forward as a key trend for summer 2023. It’s a beautiful way to achieve a faux sun-kissed look. Unlike a traditional blush cheek, the placement of this blush is set high on the cheek above the apple, almost under the eye.” 

Tanielle’s top tip: “Use any kind of poppy-pink lipstick as a blush, mixed with a liquid illuminator. Mix the two and press it into the skin with a dense brush to get the best colour pay off. For something more sheer use a fluffier brush and tap onto the skin.”

Products you need: Poppy-pink lipstick as a blush, mixed with a liquid illuminator. And my Tanielle Jai Cream Buffer Brush to blend it in.” 

Blush Lighter

The makeup trend: “The new highlight trend or technique we are seeing this summer is a fusion of your blush and highlighter together, so that the cheek colour has a beautiful luminosity through it as opposed to a traditional contour blush and highlight technique. The result looks a lot more natural and seamless and is more wearable for both day and night.”

Tanielle’s top tip: “Working with cream-based products makes this look much easier to achieve. For creams, just mix the highlighter and blush (small amounts of each) on the back on your hand before applying and placing in the position you would normally do your blush and highlight.” 

Products you need: Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot; Holme Beauty Liquid Highlighter.”

Beauty Bling 

The makeup trend: “We are seeing this trend pop up for both makeup application and hair finishing. Faux crystal gems or pearls applied to the face, hair or nails are a must-wear beauty trend for the coming festival and summer party season.”

Tanielle’s top tip: “Less is more when it comes to this trend. You want your gems to be applied sparsely to create an elegant end finish.”

Products you need: “My Frost Yourself gems and crystals.”  

Single Layer Makeup

The makeup trend: “This summer is all about single layer makeup application that accentuates your natural features and creates a natural, undone, dewy glow. Rather than layering your makeup products on top of each other (foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush), you simply apply each product in one layer, only to the section of the face it is needed on.”

Tanielle’s top tip: “It will take a little practice to master this technique, as it is the opposite to what we are used to doing, but the end results is a really beautiful natural look that will have you looking like you ‘woke up’ with flawless glowing skin.”

Products you need: Your favourite foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter and bronzers.” 


Tanielle Jai / @taniellejai

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