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Top makeup trends in Australia in summer
Top makeup trends in Australia in summer

Summer is the time to turn up the heat on your makeup looks. It’s the season for playing around with more colour, upping the wattage on your skin’s glow, and putting your best features forward. 

While a radiant complexion and the ‘no makeup’ makeup look will forever be a summer go-to here in Australia, every season brings with it a few top trends for those wanting to push their beauty boundaries. 

We called upon the insider know-how of leading Australian makeup artist Alphie Sadsad for his predictions for the top makeup trends in Australia this summer. 

Dolphin skin

“Dolphin skin is big for summer 2020,” says Sadsad, who describes the look as clear, glistening skin that reflects light. The trick to this trend is starting with your skincare. “Use a daily exfoliating toner to help sweep away dull skin and prep for hydration,” advises Sadsad. We like Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys. To amplify that ‘fresh out of the water’ vibe, pat a facial oil like Salt by Hendrix Mermaid Oil into skin afterwards. 

For your makeup, keep it minimal so your dewy skin is front and centre. Boost the wet look of your complexion with a liquid highlighter (go for one that’s more glossy than shimmery) on your cheekbones and all the way up to underneath your eyes, as well as down the bridge of your nose. Becca Zero Face + Lip Glass Highlighter is perfect for the job. 

Fluffy brows

Blame it on the lockdown when we all learned to go it solo without our brow artists, but brows are moving away from perfectly polished arches to more natural, grown-out versions. “Fluffy full brows are so on trend,” reveals Sadsad, who notes you’ll need a brow soap like BrowKo Brow Soap to nail the look. 

Clear and ideal for taming without filling in the brows, to use a brow soap Sadsad says, “spray water on your spooly and in a circular movement, pick up some of the product and brush up through the brows to get that fluffy brow. When the product is dry, add your pencil where you need it and groom again to finish.” 

Salt by Hendrix Mermaid Oil
Summer makeup trends

Cream textures

Sadsad says come the warmer months, we’ll all be reaching for easy, quick and creamy products that add that glass-like finish to our looks. How intense you go with the colour payoff is up to you. A soft well-blended application looks effortless and natural, while a layered approach will add warmth and drama to your summer look.

The best thing about this trend is you don’t need many products. “To achieve the look, use just one creamy hydrating product like Velvet Concept Rouge Stick in Pizzazz and apply it onto your cheeks, lips and eyes for a monochromatic pop of colour,” says Sadsad.

Glowy SPF

Sun protection is not a trend, it’s a year-round essential. However, Sadsad notes that this season sees SPF and makeup combine forces to simultaneously protect the skin while adding a healthy radiance to your complexion. So prepare to slip, slop, slap on sunscreens that leave your skin as glowy as a highlighter. 

Look for sunscreens with light-reflecting pigments or hydrating ingredients that naturally improve your skin’s radiance upon application. “Ultra Violette is one of my favourites for adding glow, prepping the skin for makeup and also keeping you protected,” says Sadsad. 

Summer makeup
Ultra Violette Sunscreen


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