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The Desk Edit Series
The Desk Edit Series

Welcome to the Desk Edit - a series which shines a spotlight on some of Australia’s newest brands and our handpicked favourite A-Beauty products. 

Face masks used to be considered a luxury add-on in our skincare routines, savoured only for those odd pamper session. But thanks to the self-care movement, we've realised their benefits for not only our skin but our mindsets and now we don't know what we ever did without them. 

Their hardworking formulas along with the relaxing ritual of applying them are often a highlight in our weekly routines, so it pays to find one you really love.

We were recently sent some face masks from Australian brands to try. These are our top picks:

The Clay Mask

OUR PICK: Azur Blue Clay Mask

If you are looking to draw out impurities and toxins, you can’t go past a clay mask like the Azur Blue Clay Mask with blue spirulina, seaweed and aloe vera. Not only will this mask deliver important trace elements to where your skin needs them most (thank you copper gluconate), it will also calm and soothe with the likes of lavender and palmarosa essential oils.

My review: "I love a good powder mask. I like to mix this mask with the MV Skintherapy Rose Hydrating Mist and leave it on for 10 minutes. It always leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh."

Azur Blue Clay Mask
Azur Blue Clay Mask Jar

The Honey Mask

OUR PICK: Bee Wellness Australian Honey and Clay Face Mask

If you are a lover of creamy masks loaded with benefits, Bee Wellness Australian Honey and Clay Face Mask is our current go-to. Suitable for application up to two times per week, this mask is ideal if you are looking to hydrate and detoxify all in one.

My review: "I love the smell of this multitasker - you can tell its loaded with botanicals and extracts just from the scent."

Bee Wellness Australian Honey and Clay Face Mask
Bee Wellness Australian Honey and Clay Face Mask

The Exfoliating Mask

OUR PICK: Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask

Love the grit of a physical scrub? Our current fave is the Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask. Ideally suited to blotchy skin, those prone to clogged pores as well as uneven skin tone and texture, this mask is loaded with sage extract and bisabolol to calm and soothe. Pumice powder brings the punch to polish away any dead skin cells sitting on the top layer of the skin.

My review: "This mask feels super luxe. The exfoliating beads are gentle enough to make this suitable for sensitive skins whilst having the abrasiveness you want from a physical exfoliant." 

Exfoliating tip: Skin cell renewal varies from person to person but to give you a rough estimate, it can take between 28-42 days. By exfoliating often, you are not only improving product penetration, but you are also removing any dead skin cells that may be causing skin to look sluggish and grey.

Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask
Skin Virtue Pure Exfoliating Mask

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