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Top Australian Skincare Ingredients
Top Australian Skincare Ingredients - Australian landscape
Top Australian Skincare Ingredients
Top Australian Skincare Ingredients - Australian landscape

A skincare product is only as good as the ingredients in it, which is why Australian beauty products are some of the best in the world. We have plenty of homegrown super ingredients here that work wonders for skin, from fading pigmentation to nourishing sun-drenched skin.

It’s not just Australian beauty brands that have caught on to the power of our native botanical ingredients. Expect to see a lot of these unique Australian natives popping up in the ingredients list of all your favourite skincare products.

Kakadu plum

Where do we start?! Kakadu plum is a serious multitasker. It’s best known for being high in vitamin C - in fact, it’s believed to be the most concentrated natural source of vitamin C around, and contains up to 75 times more vitamin C than oranges. The vitamin C in Kakadu plum helps fade pigmentation (a top concern for Australian women), stimulate collagen to reduce lines and wrinkles, and brighten the complexion. But that’s not all Kakadu plum does for your skin. It also contains two lesser-known acids - gallic acid and ellagic acid - which are both great for acne-prone skin as they kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. They also help strengthen the skin’s outer barrier, protecting it from environmental aggressors (like UV damage and pollution).

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Desert lime

Another great source of vitamin C, this antioxidant-rich ingredient helps tackle pigmentation, improve skin texture, and reduce wrinkle-causing oxidative stress. Desert lime is enriched with glycosides, which the body uses to heal and repair skin damage. Using desert lime on your skin will help even out skin tone, rejuvenate the complexion, and improve skin firmness.

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Quandong is the perfect ingredient for caring for Aussie skin - it protects our skin from harmful UV exposure, treats pigmentation and slows down the ageing process, all of which are top concerns for us given the intense Australian sun. Quandong is packed with vitamin C (coming in close second to Kakadu plum) as well as essential fatty acids that nourish and help keep skin looking youthful. Quandong contains potent levels of tryptophan, ferulic acid, rutin and chlorogenic acid – of which the first two, tryptophan and ferulic acid, help prevent pigmentation, while the latter two treat existing pigmentation and reduce redness in skin.

Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum
Quandong Australian Native

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Davidson plum

Not just delicious to eat, this rainforest fruit has amazing anti-ageing and skin healing powers. Davidson plums are packed with antioxidants that fight free radical damage and boost collagen and elastin production, leaving skin youthful and plump. The phenolic acids in Davidson plum work to heal UV damage and have an even more potent antioxidant effect on skin than vitamin E. Davidson plum helps stabilise vitamin C so don’t be surprised to see it paired with Kakadu plum in many skin care formulas. Anthocyanin, which is a type of flavonoid responsible for giving the Davidson plum its red colour, delivers potent restorative and protective benefits to skin to help repair pollution, DNA and sun damage and leave skin looking luminous. Finally, Davidson plum contains tartaric acid - an AHA that helps fight acne by reducing redness, unblocking pores and brightening skin. Overall, Davidson plum is a great daily defence against environmental aggressors and the signs of ageing.

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Finger lime

Also known as caviar lime, finger limes are great for gentle exfoliation thanks to the high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) found in the fruit. Finger lime works to break down the barrier that holds dead skin cells together to reduce oil build-up, wrinkles, and acne so your skin is left smooth and clear. Its acidity and vitamin C content (it has three times the amount of vitamin C as mandarins) also makes it an excellent ingredient for brightening skin and reducing pigmentation. But what makes finger lime truly special is it does all of the above while also improving your skin’s hydration and supporting collagen production. Hello, radiant and plump skin!

Go-To Transformazing Sheet Mask
Finger Lime Australian Native Ingredient

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Emu apple 

Don’t be misled by its name, the emu apple is more like a berry than an apple. And just like many other berries, it’s loaded with antioxidants. Also known as muntries and native cranberries, the anthocyanins in emu apple provide skin with protection from free radical damage while the antioxidants help boost vitamin C absorption. The nourishing wax that coats emu apples delivers humectant properties to your complexion, helping skin to retain moisture.

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