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Australian Beauty Skin Goals 2021
Australian Beauty Skin Goals 2021

Summer is when we expect our skin to look its best. That sun-kissed colour instantly brightens our faces, the humid weather is less drying on our skin, and our carefree mood has a way of radiating through our complexion. 

But the truth is, all that fun in the sun paired with the indulgent festive season can have the opposite effect. Instead of starting off the year fresh and looking our best, we’re battling with a congested, lacklustre complexion.

Here’s how to get your skin back on track after months of overindulging and slacking off with your skincare routine.

Be consistent with your skincare 

It’s not enough to just cleanse your skin whenever it feels particularly oily or dirty, or waiting to apply a hydrating serum on days when your skin has well and truly turned flaky. Consistency is the secret to great skin. Find a routine of products that works for you, then use them daily. Also, remember that some products take time to work so don’t give up on them after just a week or two; unless you experience irritation and redness (in which case you should stop using a product immediately), give your skin a month to get used to a new formula. 

Keep stress in check

Do you remember how glowing your skin was during those carefree two weeks away from work around Christmas and New Year’s? You can thank the lack of stress in your life for that. Stress can lead to acne, irritation and even a breakdown of collagen in the skin. Now that you’re back to reality, don’t let stress creep back in and ruin your radiance. Practicing self-care is a great way to stay on top of your stress levels and maintain that Zen holiday mindset all year long. Adaptogens are another powerful addition to your beauty routine. We like My Tribe Type The Calmer.

“Adaptogens are herbs that can help the body to adapt to, cope with and endure stress.”


Listen to what your skin is trying to tell you

If your skin is congested, it could be your complexion crying out for help. Most of the time, our skin doesn’t breakout for no reason. The location of that rogue pimple can say a lot about the cause of your skin concerns. For example, the forehead is linked to your digestive system so breakouts along your hairline may be due to all that junk food you’ve been eating lately. Pimples around the forehead, temples and hairline may also be caused by stress. Acne on your chin and jawline are often the result of a hormonal imbalance; the culprit behind breakouts on your cheek is likely dirty makeup brushes; and pimples in between the brows may be caused by a food allergy.

Tailor your routine to match your skin’s current needs

Ok, this step may seem a little contradictory to step #1, but bear with us. Just like your mood, your skin's needs can change on a daily basis. Some days - such as after a night of drinking alcohol - your skin may be feeling extra dehydrated and red. Instead of reaching for your go-to retinol serum and lightweight moisturiser (that usually works wonders on your oily skin) on those mornings, swap them for a calming rosewater mist like Theseeke Rose Otto Hydration Mist and ultra-nourishing face oil like Bare Skinfood Dew Drops to help restore your skin back to normal. Every morning, take a look at your skin to determine what it needs and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

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