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Australian sisters Bec and Marissa Karagiorgos of Twice Blessed are known for their signature minimalist style of timeless and tonal luxury layering. Their carefully curated Instagram feed is proof that simple, uncomplicated looks can make a powerful statement.

Turns out, their beauty routines follow a similar mantra as their fashion: No-fuss routines that pack a punch. We recently chatted with the identical twins for an inside peek into their makeup and skincare routines.

Twice Blessed’s beauty philosophy

“We don’t really have a beauty mantra. As we get older (almost 30!) we’ve tried to simplify our makeup and beauty routines. We now focus more on a good base (our skin), rather than layering and layering makeup on top.”

Getting serious about skincare

“Rationale was a game-changer for us and our skin prior to our weddings in 2019. It was the first time we had consistently received facials/treatments and gone on a proper skincare routine. Our skin completely changed in texture and complexion (for the better).”

How many skincare steps?

Given their flawless skin and a minimalist makeup routine, we asked the girls if they are two-step skincare gals or 10-step regimen type of beauties? They told us they’re somewhere in between. “We have been using Rationale Skincare and their prescribed regimen for about 18 months now. Thankfully it’s relatively simple. In the morning it’s only three steps (serum, moisturise and SPF) and in the evenings it’s cleanse, serum and moisturiser! 

“The one beauty lesson we’ve learned from one another is keep it simple!” 

Bec & Marissa, Twice Blessed influencers

Inside their shelfies 

When we asked the girls if their beauty cupboards are as curated as their beautiful social media feed, their answer was, “Nooooooo way!”. “Our beauty cupboards/drawers are definitely a hot mess!! Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love purchasing beauty products based on their packaging (good packaging is the way to our hearts), however we know the importance of beauty and makeup products that actually work and don’t only look good.”

Be your own muse

“Honestly we don’t really look at anyone for beauty inspo. We find that the more we look for ‘inspiration’ the more trapped we can become in comparison...when really, we are all uniquely made and created. Not one of us is the same :)”

Minimalist makeup must-haves

“Our non-negotiable makeup must-haves are a good primer and cream blush. We love the way a beautiful cream blush looks on our skin. Our favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wand. It’s literally our Holy Grail product.”

“At the moment (during lockdown), we’re not wearing any makeup. Usually it’s a fairly clean base (depending on our day we may wear a more full coverage foundation like the Hourglass Vanish or a lighter finish like Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder). Everything else is kept really simple.. bronzer on the lids, light bronzing, cream blush and the usual Benefit brows and mascara! 

A-BEAUTY ALTERNATIVES: Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation; Inika Organic Certified Organic Pure Perfection Primer; Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot; Eye of Horus Summer Solstice Eyeshadow Palette; Inika Organic Baked Mineral Bronzer; Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect.

Ride or die beauty products

In their makeup kits, Bec and Marissa count “Charlotte Tilbury Light Wand in Peachgasm or Pinkgasm AND Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Blush” as their can’t-live-without products. As for their hair Holy Grail product, “We can’t go past the O.G in hair products: ghd.” In fact, the girls say, “We still have our very FIRST ghd hair straightener we purchased when we were 14 (yes…. 15 years ago!!).”


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