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Words by Brooke Oke

Looking after your skin is much like caring for your car. You can't expect that by cleaning and polishing your car on the outside you are going to fix the problems with its radiator or engine. Skincare is no different: Addressing your skin internally is just (if not more) important than looking after it externally. 

There is so much information out there now about skincare and what you should use, from products to tools and supplements, that it is hard to know what might be best for you. My advice is to keep it simple and always remember to focus on ingestible beauty ingredients - then the rest will follow. 

Why you should add beauty supplements to your daily routine

If you’re someone who adopts a fairly plentiful wholefood diet but wants to add a bit of a boost to your routine, tailored products can be a lovely way to support you. Ready-made formulations are also great for those who are time-poor and might prefer to increase their fibre and antioxidant status through supplements. 

Remember though, you always need to consider what else you are putting into your body as a supplement is not the solution to every single problem. Supplements work best when accompanied by a wholefood diet that is varied, seasonal and, where possible, organic. Hydration is also essential and needs to be considered when supplementing, especially with fibre as your needs increase.

Top supplement ingredients to try


BROOKE’S TOP PICK: Tonik No.4 Hemp Seed Oil Capsules 

To ensure you are gaining enough essential fatty acids, a supplement containing them is a nice addition to a balanced diet. Essential fatty acids cannot be manufactured in the body so they need to come from the diet - a very common area that individuals do not consume enough of. 

It is important that essential fatty acids are consumed in the right ratio of omega 3s to omega 6s. Hemp is a commonly used plant in skincare due to its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAS), aka omega 3 and 6. 

As with all precious oils. it is important that they are treated with respect and stored out of direct sunlight and air as they have the tendency to oxidise. Tonik’s wellness capsules perfectly capture the oil of hemp seeds to deliver a potent dose of omegas in a convenient way. 


BROOKE’S TOP PICK: The Base Body Co. After Glow

Afterglow by The Base Body Co. is a well considered wholefood supplement which contains a variety of active ingredients. The marine collagen peptides make up the majority of this product and are preferred over bovine sources as they are said to be more bioavailable in the body. Combining marine collagen and potent antioxidants in a formula is important as marine collagen on its own has the potential to create reactive oxidant species (ROS) and thus create oxidative stress on the body. 

“Afterglow has a subtle creamy berry and caramel flavour thanks to the freeze-dried berries and tremella mushroom, something which is a welcome difference to the regular berry combinations.” 

Brooke Oke, Gold Coast-based naturopath


BROOKE’S TOP PICK: My Tribe Type The Beauty Berry

Another skin-loving active plant ingredient is Schisandra chinensis. It’s a commonly used herb in Western herbal medicine that has a background of traditional Chinese medicine usage. 

Schisandra is an up-and-coming skincare powerhouse likely due to its targeted activity on the liver and detoxification pathways. 

It is high in vitamin C and E and has been shown to improve nitrous oxide synthesis, which supports peripheral blood flow, ensuring nutrients and oxygen are delivered to all of the tiny vessels in your body, many of which end at our skin’s surface. 

Due to its liver detoxification benefits, Schisandra has the potential to support the balance of hormones which are a common player in acne and skin complaints. My Tribe Type’s dried Schisandra powder is a lovely way to introduce this liver-loving berry into your routine. It has an almost tart cherry flavour which is delicious in smoothies, juices and baking. 


BROOKE’S TOP PICK: The Base Body Co. After Glow

Tremella mushroom has been known as the ‘mushroom of youth’ for centuries. It essentially mimics the effects of hyaluronic acid by helping to lubricate and plump skin - something that naturally declines with age. 


They are beautiful when stirred through a coconut or plant yoghurt and topped with granola and berries or papaya. I also love blending them into smoothies and smoothie bowls.


Brooke has practiced as a Registered Nurse specialising in mental health for almost a decade and also has a Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc). Her personal health issues inspired her to make the switch from nursing to naturopathy. When she was a teenager she suffered from chronic endometriosis, gut issues and depression and it wasn’t until she found naturopathic medicine that she was able to take control of her health and wellbeing. Brooke has her own naturopathy practice, Goodkind Naturopathy, and has a special interest in the digestive system, skin health, hormonal and immune complaints, and endocrine issues.


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