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Toners & Mists

Toners & Mists

Replenish heat and sun-struck skin with our refreshing mists, best kept in the fridge for an ultra-cooling sensation or remove even the longest-wearing waterproof formulas with our a-beauty approved toners. All skin types can benefit from a toner - whether you have oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin. Shop our range of alcohol-free, pH balanced formulations that stabilise sebum production, provide intense hydration, soothe irritation and promote a healthy, radiant complexion. Whether you're in need of a pore-refining toner or a hydrating face mist, we have the perfect product for you. Shop the best skin toners Australia has to offer. 

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At a-beauty, we value quality ingredients - that's why our entire range of mists & toners have been formulated with potent Australian actives like Kakadu plum, Rose, Witch-hazel, Green Tea, Geranium and Jojoba. These pH-balancing blends work wonders for your skin, leaving it looking dewy, radiant and revitalised. 

Toning plays a crucial role in your skincare routine. After cleansing, apply the toner using a cotton pad or gently pat it into your skin for even distribution. For mists, simply spritz them over your face to invigorate and hydrate at any time of day. 

To tone or not to tone - that is the question. 

1. What does toner do for your skin? 
Toning helps to balance the skin's pH levels, remove any residual impurities after cleansing, and prep the skin to absorb the subsequent skincare products effectively. 

2. Which toner should I use? 
Finding the best toner for you is dependent on figuring out your skin type. 
- For dry/sensitive skin, we recommend Vanessa Megan Pore Refining Toner
- For acne prone/oily skin, we recommend Ere Perez Herbal Face Tonic.
- For mature/dull skin, we recommend Cinch Spray & Glow.

3. Should I use toner everyday? 
Absolutely! Daily use of toners help maintain a healthy skin barrier and keeps your complexion looking fresh and radiant.  

4. Do I apply toner before or after moisturiser? 
We generally suggest applying toner after cleansing and before moisturising. However, face mists can be reapplied throughout the day whenever your skin needs a little boost. 

5. Are toners good for aging skin? 
Toners are an excellent product for mature skin because they help to close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, thus reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. 

6. Why should I shop my toner at a-beauty
At a-beauty, our curated collection of toners and mists are carefully selected by our staff based on their effectiveness and gentle formulations. All products we stock are free from harmful chemicals and cruelty-free, reflecting our commitment to your skin's well-being and the good of the planet. 

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