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Body Moisturisers

Body Moisturisers

As we’re regularly exposed to environmental damage, pollution, UV rays and more, our skin needs to be nurtured and well cared for from head to toe.

While some areas, including the face, neck and hands, are more delicate than other areas, your whole body needs the same key minerals, vitamins and care so you can live your best life. The skin or epidermis is your largest organ, so we take this a step further. With over 60% of active ingredients in moisturisers readily absorbed into the bloodstream, we think it’s time that the beauty industry start to take lotion ingredients more seriously – and we’re on the case.

Every product on our shelves has been tested for efficacy, consciousness and safety. We take a deep dive into a brand’s business ethos, model and production practices before they even undergo our testing and trialling stage.

Ready to learn more about nurturing your body? Check out our summary of the best ingredients below.


Body Moisturisers 

Our bodies take a lot of heat day in, day out. All year long, the following factors can have an effect:

  • Environmental damage: UV rays, pollution, chlorine and heavy metal waters can all wreak havoc on our exteriors. Consider a moisturiser that includes SPF for sun protection.
  • Lifestyle factors: Including diet, alcohol and smoking all play a factor in our overall health.
  • Seasonal factors: Those who live in colder climates (especially where there is plenty of dry air) suffer from extra dehydration, moisture loss, and potentially cracked or split skin.

While we love talking about the importance of a facial care routine, our team fully believes that our whole bodies deserves the same level of care. To buff up your best body, consider:

  • Regular exfoliation: Either a dry brush (great for lymphatic drainage) or a scrub will do the trick. If you’re leaning toward the latter, make sure not to brush up too often – just like our faces, you need down time in between.
  • Clean moisturiser: What do we mean by clean? We mean moisturisers that are free from heavy alcohols, parabens, potentially harmful chemicals, and products that aren’t certified cruelty free.
  • Oil: What’s even more luxurious? Topping off your moisturiser with an oil. Concentrated doses of jojoba, hemp and coconut oils can lock in moisture, help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and leave you with a natural glow or sheen.

Our range of growing Australian-only brands are certified to be clean, conscious and committed to a kinder beauty industry worldwide.

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