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If you’re interested in overhauling your cosmetics kit, or you’re searching for products that align with your lifestyle and core values, perfumes can seem like the last thing you would consider.

The potential long-term effects of synthetic fragrances are well documented, so our team actively seeks Australian companies who create scents that are safe for our skin. Using a roll-on option? We have safe options for these, too.

Rest assured, each of the products we stock on our shelves is examined for potentially harmful ingredients before being offered to our community. We also examine the sustainability and ethicality of each brand. With this in mind, we have a variety of collections available that will be right for you and your lifestyle.



When shopping for fragrances online, simply reviewing the top, middle and bottom notes may not be enough to inform your decision. Every one of our perfumes follows the same rigorous testing before being a-beauty approved, so we can let our community know:

  • Every ingredient used in the formula.
  • Company ethics - we let you know which brands are certified organic or vegan.
  • Best use instructions to get the most out of every purchase.

You can rest assured that each of our perfumes falls in line with your own personal values. The only thing left to consider is your favourite scent. Some of our most popular go-to choices include:

  • His | Her: From the Who Is Elijah unisex collection, this union blends bergamot, fir needle, cardamom and amber together for a great winter scent.
  • St. Palm Summerfields is a fresh favourite with a subtle blend of roses, citrus and wood for an everyday springtime scent.
  • Lumira Persian Rose is softened with citrus, mandarin and geranium for a workplace (or date night) friendly scent.

Not into florals? Lumira’s Cuban Tobacco gives off a darker, moodier, more grounded scent and comes in the same handbag-friendly size. Infused with tobacco, musk, cardamom and clove, those of us who shy away from flowers will be entranced by this bold blend.

We want to bring the best of Australia to the world, bringing only the safest, most considered products to our followers. As we stand by our promise to value honesty and transparency, we only offer quality brands that we have tried ourselves.

From cosmetics down to fragrances, if you see a company or collection offered by our team, you know that it’s recommended and stamped with our seal of approval.

We appreciate that overhauling your makeup and cosmetics kit can be a step-by-step process. We continually publish helpful articles in which we examine key ingredients and self-care practices, offering insight and education to our tribe of followers. This way, each person in our community can select the products that are right for them.

Ready to begin your own beauty evolution? Check out more of our articles to see how you can support a fairer industry.

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