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Carefully blended and poured into potent works of bottled art, Grandiflora Fragrances far surpassed our a-beauty expectations and are happily gracing our (virtual) shelves. Inspired by the world-renowned Sydney-based boutique, this well-known fragrance line has a reputation for superior quality, dramatic outcomes and curated art.

Founded and created by the original partner of the Grandiflora floral boutique, this namesake fragrance line of perfumes is inspired by their most show-stopping arrangements.

Designed to capture the grandeur and jaw-dropping aspects of nature in a bottle, each fragrance is influenced by founder Saskia Havekes. From soft, subtle florals to stormy nights, each scent proudly presents Australia’s natural environment and landscape to the world. With a range of six scents, we are sure you'll be able to find the one for you. 


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Each fragrance in this line has been carefully curated to layer the various flowers, plants and herbs used in the original boutique arrangements, therefore acknowledging and honouring our local environment.

Layered from base notes through to top scents, each perfume and eau to parfum has been created in the same style that Saskia works through her art – with heart, soul and an intuitive sense of the best that our Australian gardens have to offer.

Born and bred in Sydney, and still headquartered in the florist’s original Potts Point-based location, the first collection launched in Paris, in 2013. The a-beauty team are proud to stamp their approval on this leading fragrance brand. Supporting conscious Australian curators, artists and cosmetic makers, this local brand is a recognised example of what artistry can be made when local cultures, traditions and natural botanicals are blended and brought to life.

Grandiflora is an excellent example of a company who has achieved the a-beauty stamp of approval. We’re committed to supporting a growing Australian beauty and cosmetics community, and only work with brands whose mission, ethos, production and vision we believe in.

This carefully curated perfumery is one we’re proud to share with the world. Honouring our land’s past, present and future, each collection item is a luxurious, sensual way to share our national pride on an international level. Saskia has captured and bottled our native Australian essence with her very own hands and we stand by every product gracing our collection, varied in scents, essence and influence.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of Grandiflora.

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