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Haven’t considered your lip health before now? Just like the other delicate areas of our face, lips deserve their own care, attention and treatments. Much like the fine skin around our eyes, specific ingredients and formulas can help encourage new growth, cell turnover, and help unveil a moisturised, healthy pout all day.

If you’re not entirely sure of what to look for in a brand, look no further. Our team has summarised what to look for in a range to equip our followers with the education and insight needed to navigate their best dermatological health.



When unveiling your perfect pout, the following essentials should be at the foundation of every kit:

  • Exfoliant: Although we don’t recommend buffing away dead skin cells more than two to three times a week, a gentle exfoliator can help remove dry flakes and encourage healthy regeneration and cell growth.
  • Moisturising balm or mask: Look for key ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E and coconut oil. These are all effective, food safe, and intensely hydrating to provide all-day moisture.
  • Protective agent: Lips are just as susceptible to UV damage, environmental exposure and melanoma as the rest of our face. Look for a formula or protective agent that can help block against unwanted rays.
  • Tint or colour: Having one or two dedicated colours – whether it’s a translucent tint or opaque block – can mean the difference between a two minute makeup routine and running out of the house without.
  • Mask or treatment: A highly hydrating formula can be applied overnight to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Better yet, an overnight mask provides the ideal preparation for wearing an eye-popping colour the next day.

Much like other mapped areas of the face, the lips deserve their own care, attention and designated makeup products. You wouldn’t put an eye cream on your lips – so consider investing in the ingredients and scientifically proven formulas that can help protect and enhance this delicate skin.

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