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Designed and made in Sydney, Lumira’s luxury line of fragranced products encapsulate the very essence of real-life destinations. Inspired by urban metros, beachside escapes and the rolling hills of the countryside, this local brand was first established in 2013 as a collection of unique candles blended to ignite the senses and represent and amplify real scents you would find across the globe.

Since expanding into select homeware lines and perfumes, every piece is intimately influenced by foreign lands envisioned by creative director Almira Armstrong. Blending luxury products with considered and sustainable packaging, this leading fragrance house merges high-end scents with environmentally-conscious practices.



From Arabian Oud to Tuscan Fig, each scent blended by this leading perfumery has been influenced by an existing destination, then carefully curated to capture its unique essence.

Scent is one of the quickest ways to ignite memories and vivid imagery. With this in mind, each item in this collection has a unique landscape profile. By sharing the vision that inspired each blend, each piece hopes to paint a detailed picture that the user can connect with when selecting their signature scent.

Every candle lover and perfume wearer has different fragrance profiles and preferences. With this in mind, our product range at a-beauty varies from heavy florals to urban streets and exotic desert escapes. To complement your personal style and express your inner self through unique fragrances, every piece has been chosen to authentically reflect your mood, season or home in an a-beauty approved sort of way.

Our in-house editors and industry professionals have become thoroughly acquainted with Lumira and are proud to display their pieces on our shelves. From the considered, sustainable packaging to their ethically sourced and dedicated supply chain line, we firmly believe that Lumira is a strong representation of our local artistic and entrepreneurial community.

Creative, collectible and luxuriously sophisticated, each brand piece deserves careful, considered space in your home. This leading fragrance brand can help to ignite your five senses and whisk you away from the comfort of your own home, bringing travel memories to life and helping you to imagine cultures you haven’t yet explored.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of Lumira.

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