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If you’ve been keeping your eye on the fragrance market for some time, you’ll likely be aware of a few shocking facts when it comes to many mainstream brands. Some are: scented with synthetic chemical and some are Manufactured through questionable practice.

Need we say more? If you value transparency and a kinder, more conscious way of living, then you’ve come to the right place. Only sourcing and supporting Australian-made brands that are committed to overhauling a historically troublesome industry, we test every brand before they ever grace our shelves

Want to learn more about our process for sourcing items from accessories to personal fragrances? Check out our summary below, highlighting how we go about partnering with brands to bring the best to our community.



Whether an item is meant for the skin, face, body, hair or your inner body wellness, we always follow the same, stringent routine when deciding if a new company is a good fit for our range. What does this entail? We check their:

  • Business model and practice: We only work with companies who are Australian-made and owned, with a commitment to processes that are ethical, cruelty-free, and relying on clean, high-quality ingredients to create their formulas.
  • Production and manufacturing: We look for ethical supply chains and manufacturing, and only work with suppliers who follow safe, sustainable sourcing methods.
  • Commitment to sustainability and ethically: Beyond manufacturing, we look at a company’s packaging and production methods to ensure they’re pursuing ethical, earth-friendly processes wherever possible.

We do this not only to support our own health and wellbeing, but also that of others and the earth around us. We can’t in good conscience recommend or use brands who are contributing to the same industry we’re trying to overhaul. With this in mind, we strive to promote a cleaner, fairer world, and won’t support or recommend companies who misalign with our ethos.

From Fragrances to Skincare: Overhauling the Beauty Industry.

Ready to join the revolution? From cosmetics to personal scents, every item on our shelves is value-aligned and sourced to help you live a kind, eco-friendly life. Welcome to the a-beauty team – we’re glad you’re here.

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