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Salt By Hendrix

Salt By Hendrix

Salt by Hendrix is a committed, family-run company that believes in the power of using natural, organic botanicals to achieve our best health in everyday life.

Encouraged by the effective results achieved after months of dedicated research and testing, brand founder Kellie Collis treated her family using what would go on to be her first product line.

Using only high- quality, plant-based pure ingredients that could be sourced ethically and leave little impact on the earth, Kellie’s company has since grown into an extensive collection – ranging from serums to body care, facial tools, and more. 


Salt by Hendrix

Prioritising development and innovation, the original founding team ensures that each new product stands on the same steadfast pillars: clean products made using pure, certified organic ingredients, which can be sustainably and ethically sourced. Australia’s shores and natural surroundings are some of the most influential for creating and pursuing a pure, plant-based life.

Thanks to this, the Salt by Hendrix team knows the power of harnessing what nature has to offer and how it can affect our skin. To continue to minimise their environmental impact, this company has established their position as a market leader who takes advantage of all that Mother Nature has to offer, then gives back.

Sustainably packaged, cruelty-free, and nurturing for both your skin and senses, Kellie’s team has achieved the balance between pure and simple and pursuing a decadent life. Powered by nature and committed to replenishing the earth, this company is informed and active, following through on their promise to do better for the world.

The a-beauty team can guarantee that this is an eco-conscious Australian business with efficacious products worth investing in, providing a colourful way to indulge in self-care that’s good for both you and the environment. Suitable for all skin types, and effective at soothing even the most sensitive needs, we are proud to present Salt by Hendrix as one of the brands helping a-beauty to become a pillar of high- quality, conscious Australian beauty worldwide.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of Salt by Hendrix.

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