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The Base Body Co.

The Base Body Co.

Optimal wellbeing is only achieved when we take care of our inner health first. Firmly founded by this belief, The Base Body Co. is a brand that creates naturally-derived wellness supplements which harness the power of adaptogens, superfoods and botanicals. 

The company strives to help its community rest, rejuvenate and find a sense of calm. This is a brand that stands by and follows through with value-aligned actions. Offering guides, insight, education and advice on how we can look after our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, this is an excellent example of an Australian team that’s committed to empowering their community. 

We’re more than happy to stock these products on our shelves – offering our stamp of approval for being ethical and transparent in their product development, practices and mission.


The Base Body Co.

Founder Sara Ayres started the company as she wanted to provide the community with a range of wellness supplements. She believed she could develop and introduce products that were missing from the market.

Continually looking for ways to blend together leading science and nature, Sara only uses certified Non-GMO, sustainably sourced, gluten-free and bioavailable ingredients in each formulation. Optimal health can be achieved with the right information and access to nutrient-dense, adaptogenic and superfood products.

Each product in the collection is designed to be easily incorporated into your everyday routine – created for maximum absorption and driven by community reviews and results. This leading wellness brand seeks to create a seamless path to better living without sacrificing convenience.

Founded in Australia, The Base Body Co. team have successfully infused their values and commitment to high- quality, healthy and sustainable living into every aspect of their brand. This company walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to consideration and alignment – further supporting its community with the guides, resources and information needed to pursue a sustainable, balanced life. 

Formulating every product and resource themselves, The Base Body Co. has been approved by the a-beauty team as a company that brings out the best in our community. Natural, conscious, sustainable and considered, we hope that you turn to this leading brand to learn more about the benefits of prioritising inner beauty and self-care.

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