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Designed to harness the world’s best superfoods, Tonik has concentrated the power of leading organic ingredients like turmeric and apple cider vinegar into easy-to-take capsules for everyday use.

This leading Australian team is working with the finest clinicians to blend powerhouse tonics that can make you feel better from the inside out. It’s their belief that Mother Nature’s raw ingredients are the some of the best to help support our inner and outer health.  

With no fillers or artificial ingredients or additives, and each product guaranteed to be chemist approved, every formula has been created to help you achieve your best health without sacrificing the ease and convenience of your everyday routine.



By founding a company that supports the beauty and wellness industries in a modern and convenient way, Tonik is now one of our community’s go-to brands for those wanting to follow a clean but convenient life. This ultra-modern, ultra-conscious team is on a mission to support better health and wellbeing worldwide. This leading brand has become a staple in our toolkits for considering all the aspects needed to achieve optimal health.

Backed by science, with easy-to-consume capsules that minimise the potential side effects of other nutracosmetic brands, and formulated in bundles and one-off items, this is a considered and conscientious company bringing out the best in every consumer.

Thorough, well -thought out, and taking a new approach to the betterment of beauty, we believe that this team is an excellent example of an Australian company harnessing what nature has to offer.

By resetting the stage for a new era of health and wellness worldwide, this leading company is making its mark on both local and international audiences as an innovative group reimagining the world of inner beauty remedies.

We want our community to have access to the best beauty, wellbeing, and cosmetic products that support their inner glow. The a-beauty team actively looks for brands to add to our collection that can help achieve this with simplicity and ease.

Continually learning about the benefits of key superfoods and organic ingredients, we were intrigued by the possibility of Tonik leveraging the benefits of each without the strong taste or hassle. Quickly surpassing our expectations for supply chain, product development and quality control, our expert team stamped this brand with a-beauty approval – as we believe in their its mission and vision.

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