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The Unnamed

The Unnamed

Founded by a duo who are highly experienced working in the mainstream Australian beauty and cosmetics industries, The Unnamed believes there is a better, faster, more effective way to put your best face forward.

A sheet mask is worn over the face to invigorate your skin, with incredible anti-ageing properties. With expert-level insight into the ingredients scientifically proven to support great skin, company founders Danielle and Yana sought out to blend up potent formulas that could help their followers achieve their best glow.

By filtering down on the jargon and eliminating any unnecessary, non-beneficial fillers, this brand is revolutionising the industry in an easy, convenient, luxurious sort of way.


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The Unnamed

Our a-beauty team believes in making skincare and cosmetics simple, transparent and accessible. Knowing that this brand was founded by a team dedicated to doing the same (while also simplifying the skincare industry), we were intrigued by the possibility of benefitting from their powerful, concentrated sheet masks that make achieving our best skin a breeze.

The Unnamed believes in empowering the community to take advantage of the professionally-known tricks of the trade without the high price tag or costs. It does this by relying on leading science to source every ingredient and formulation infused into its masks. 

This Australian brand is all about arming its followers with the right insight and education needed to achieve their best glow. They lay out the ingredients they use in each of its products, so that their community knows what they’re using and how it benefits them. 

We fully support the mission behind The Unnamed in demystifying and clearing up the beauty industry – as it’s their belief that information and active ingredients should be accessible and understood by everyone who wants to use them. This brand is going the extra mile to simplify the processes behind ageing and taking care of yourself, then delivering the exact products and ingredients needed to achieve great results.

Transparent, simple and dedicated to bettering the skin of Australians nationwide, we’re proud to support this brand and its vision. With every one of our a-beauty team having added these innovative products to our shelves, we’re ecstatic to see this range on our platform, so that the same goals can be shared with the world.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of The Unnamed.

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