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Using the industry’s best natural products, the Theseeke team is driven to be the highest quality, healthiest skincare line on the market.

Founded and handmade in Sydney, Australia, each formula is made using only the finest plant-based ingredients through small-batch methods. Believing that less is more, this company is committed to creating simple, clean formulas in line with its philosophy that simple is the best way to approach both skincare and life. 

Using as few raw ingredients as possible to make an effective formula, this leading company is proving that our a-beauty belief in transparency and simplicity is the way to go: Use products from transparent companies, follow straightforward routines, and clear out the clutter to achieve your best skin.



The benefits and ingredients we take from the earth always need to be replenished. This company honours what Mother Nature can do for us by giving back to the earth in return. Committed to planting one tree for every order placed this leading brand partners with 501 Charity One Tree to ensure it has a tangible impact on our environment and future generations.

From bath and body products, moisturisers, serums, fragrances and more, the belief in Mother Nature runs deep with Theseeke. Continually striving to expand its product range through ongoing research and leading, plant-based science, founder Katy Beeson wants her company to be the pillar that her community can turn to support their health and clean living journey.

As a company born and bred in Sydney, Australia, Theseeke was quickly sought out and tested by our a-beauty team. As a brand striving to bring clean, transparent, and simple products to the market, while looking after its followers and the planet, we were more than happy to sign off on this brand and add its formulas to our carefully curated collection.

With effective serums, an easy-to-read list of ingredients, and a clear mission to do better for themselves and the world, this luxe natural beauty brand is now proudly gracing our shelves. 

Have you been looking to streamline your beauty routine? Consider the benefits of using these harmoniously curated formulas to help nurture your skin. 

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