IMBIBE Calm/Sleep 100g – a-beauty
IMBIBE Calm/Sleep 100g
IMBIBE Calm/Sleep 100g
IMBIBE Calm/Sleep 100g
IMBIBE Calm/Sleep 100g

IMBIBE Calm/Sleep 100g


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A before-bed formula activated magnesium and a unique blend of minerals, amino acids, adaptogens and botanicals - perfect for keeping your worries at bay and sending you into a deep and peaceful slumber. 

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IMBIBE Calm/Sleep is an optimal source of essential magnesium to kick stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety to the curb. Calm/Sleep combines 100% of your recommended Magnesium Citrate and Glycinate intake to promote long-term health and relaxation.

Passionflower and adaptogen ashwagandha boost calmness and help the body cope with stress, while beetroot extract adds anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Enjoy the delicious flavour of raspberry lemonade while reaping the benefits of deeply improved sleep quality. 

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