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Eyebrow Tools

Eyebrow Tools

Brow's need an overhaul? With conscious beauty brands, tools and accessories gracing our shelves, the a-beauty team is committed to changing the cosmetics industry worldwide.

With some followers preferring to DIY at home, while others need a quick top-up in between salon visits, we thought it best to summarise our favourite go-to’s for achieving your best brows at home. Ready to dive in? Consider these a-beauty tips, tricks, product, and grooming routines to achieve your best look yet.


Brow Tools

Even if you maintain a monthly appointment, having the right tools and knowing how to maintain your brows at home is paramount.

A tidied eye area can be the difference between a streamlined, clean look – even when going makeup free – and looking a little helter-skelter, so we always recommend having a basic kit at home to pull yourself together in a flash. This kit should include:

  • Tweezers: Ever find a spare hair randomly situated away from the others? If you tweeze, wax or sugar on a regular basis, feel free to pluck it out to keep your definition.
  • Scissors: Scissors are an excellent, tiny choice for grooming long hairs that start to stick up and out of place. Just make sure not to trim too short. Hairs that have been cut down too far have a hard time blending in with the others.
  • Gel: Whether clear or tinted, gel can help your hairs stay where they’re meant to, even on days you’re not wearing makeup.
  • Brow pencil: Need to head into the salon for a tint? Over-plucked with those tweezers, perhaps? A fine pencil can mimic a realistic look where you need to quickly fill in the gaps.
  • Serum: A dedicated lash serum can help maintain skin health around your eyes. Yup, you heard us. The skin behind your brows and on your delicate eyelids needs to be cared for as well – with dedicated products that won’t cause irritation or damage the skin.

Natural or Filled In? The Best Australian Brands

Looking to update your cosmetics kit? From full face foundations right down to lash gels and serums, every product on our shelves has been tested for:

  • Ethicality
  • Sustainability
  • Efficacy
  • The brand’s commitment to a cleaner, fairer, kinder and more diverse beauty industry

Ready to maintain your look at home? Check out our expanding tool and accessory range – it’s how our very own team maintains their bright, fresh and wide-eyed look every day.

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