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If you’re looking to overhaul your cosmetics kit to include cleaner, kinder products – but not yet ready to give up a year-round glow – consider looking for a natural, more conscious tanning lotion.

What? We hear you say. You bet – our industry expert team has been putting in the hard yards to find cleaner, more conscious and more sustainable beauty brands that are good for our health and the environment.

Ready to learn more about the science and innovation behind a better tan? Read on to check out these insights from our team about how you can maintain a healthy glow all year round.



Every person should be protected against harmful UV rays, but there is so much more to protecting ourselves against environmental damage than just your everyday SPF. Among the potential exposures we can face every day, there are:

  • Pollution levels coating our skin and being breathed into our respiratory systems.
  • Harsh elements including extreme heat (and extreme cold), winds, ice, and salt and chlorine filled waters.
  • Lifestyle factors such as stress, diet, alcohol, coffee, smoke – there are so many factors in our internal and external environments that influence our physical health and mental wellbeing.

Most of our community is willing to look for and adopt cleaner, kinder products that minimise at least some of the harsh and questionable substances going on our skin. Finding a clean, conscious tanning lotion is part of this.

Leading the way in innovation, some of our a-beauty approved favourites include:

  • Coconut oil and Vitamin E to improve overall condition, retain moisture, and revitalise overall texture and tone
  • Certified organic so that you know both the farming and manufacturing process kept the harsh chemicals and questionable ingredients out of your products
  • Essential oils, these formulas are lightly fragranced for a soothing, refreshing scent.

As we’re commited to finding Australian-made, clean, conscious, sustainable products, every item on our shelves has been examined, tested and a-beauty approved. Not only does this means that we support the brand and business each item comes from, but we’ve also tried that each item ourselves to ensure they are efficacious and worth your time.

If you want to give your skin a better chance at achieving it best glow – while supporting the earth and topping your body up with a great, natural self-tanner – the collections on our carefully curated shelves might just do the trick.

Want to learn more about innovative science and which ingredients we think are worth your time? Check out our a-beauty articles about which formulas are best and how to make the right choices for them.

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