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Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

Need to update your kit? Perhaps you’re interested in investing in a few quality makeup brushes for the first time. Regardless of your reason for venturing into a-beauty, we’re happy to have you here.

Dedicated to changing the beauty industry worldwide, we’re continually sourcing and reviewing Australian-made brands that are bringing out the best in the business. We trial and test every product before it ever reaches our shelves, so you know that by sourcing from a-beauty that you’re only supporting companies who are committed to a cleaner, fairer, more diverse cosmetics community.

Ready to dive into the world of applicators? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite recommendations – whether you’re looking to overhaul your kit to better quality tools, or just getting started.


Makeup Brushes

Having the right tools can be the difference between putting on your best face before heading off to work and feeling lost in the wreckage.

Instead of trusting any old brand to abide by clean-and-conscious cosmetics rules (ie. fake bristles or those that harm animals), consider the importance of buying 100% cruelty free so you’re no longer supporting animal testing in the industry. You may also want to choose locally-made products from Australian companies to support a more sustainable approach to cosmetics.

When selecting each piece that will streamline your beauty routine, we suggest looking for:

  • A great all-in-one piece: It’s important to have something that can work with powders, bronzers, contour products, and highlighters.
  • Eyelash Curler: These are especially ideal for those days you want a lift while going makeup free.
  • Tweezers or Brow Scissors: You can use these to help maintain brows between salon appointments.
  • Sharpener: You’ll need a good quality sharpener for eyebrow and eyeliner pencils. A sharp brow pencil can go a long way quickly filling in sparse hairs for a pulled together look, while a sharp eyeliner makes achieving a winged look that much easier (and quicker).

There’s not a lot to a basic makeup kit. From your fingers to dedicated sponges, and simple products like lash curlers and brow-filler-inners that can be used when you want to go more makeup free, having the basics down pat will save you time and money.

Interested in investing in quality accessories from companies you align with? Check out our growing range from Australian brands nationwide.

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