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Sexual Health & Intimate Wellness

Sexual Health & Intimate Wellness

We believe in being sexually conscious, creating a comfortable, safe space and talking about sex in an open and honest way. Communication – and consent – is key. Feel liberated to maximise your, and your partner’s, intimacy and sexual wellbeing on your next date night, or anytime the mood strikes, and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life, rich with exploration and pleasure.


Sexual Health & Intimate Wellness

Mindful sexual wellness and getting to know your body is key to a happy, open, sex positive relationship where you’re comfortable sharing your physical and emotional needs, having better orgasms and ultimately feeling satisfied. Whether experimenting with self-love and self-pleasure or sharing with a sexual partner, explore desires and push your intimate happiness to greater heights with new products and devices, expertly designed for pleasure, sexual wellbeing and holistic health. Shop our newest arrivals of sexual wellness items here.

Discover our curated offering of the best adult sexual wellness products available on a-beauty. You’re free to browse and shop from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are on our mobile or desktop site. With vibrators and devices from the local brands you love, a-beauty delivers directly to your door, in our signature discreet white satchels.

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Whether you’re re-stocking a favourite or buying makeup products online from a-beauty for the first time, your purchase is an investment in a healthier lifestyle. While that’s a reward in itself, we’ll go one further. If your order amounts to more than $35, we’ll waive the shipping fees Australia-wide.

We’re constantly seeking out makeup products from Australian brands that align with our values to enhance our product offering. We always put them through a stringent process before we accept them into our carefully curated range. To stay up to date with what’s new, sign up to our newsletter.

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