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Who is Elijah

Who is Elijah

Crafted in Sydney, Australia, Who is Elijah is an internationally recognised line of unisex perfumes. Wanting to build a company that was dedicated to being cruelty-free, founder Raquel Bouris first set up shop by blending fragrances inspired by her favourite memories.

Now an Australian success story as a business that is leading the way in a perfume industry revolution, we believe that this team and their massive following is underpinning the quality of beauty worldwide.

Created to capture the unique character and desires of every person, Who is Elijah is a collection of niche fragrances turns passions into a scent.


Who is Elijah

After travelling the globe, Raquel wanted to create a company that stood on cruelty-free values. With the belief that fragrance is the fastest way to reignite the senses, this line was established to bottle, safeguard and relive Raquel’s most cherished memories again and again through the power of scent.

As a modern fragrance line, the Who is Elijah team is committed to increasing the accessibility of luxe personal perfumes and changing the way the industry works. By offering a line of unisex scents, every follower can find their own best fit based on the underlying notes and style.

Further, by scaling their brand to become an international best-seller, this business is using their public platform to equip their community and talk about the importance of cruelty-free beauty lines.

As an Australian community dedicated to sourcing the best brands for our followers, we’re continually looking for new products to add to our collection. We only source and stock homegrown companies that are shifting and changing the industry, and knew that this brand would readily fit this mould.

After taking a good look into the company’s back story, production process and philosophy, we quickly added Raquel’s fragrances to our shelves. Transparent in their mission to change the industry for all living beings, this ultra-modern and sophisticated company is an up-and-coming brand that we’re happy to stand behind.

From Sydney to the world, Who is Elijah is making its impact globally. As one of the platforms that’s sharing this brand’s vision and message, we’re proud to be shining a spotlight on industry-shifting companies and will continue to sing their praises.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of Who Is Elijah.

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