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Upgrade your beauty sleep with a sleep mask, sleep-aiding capsules, a luxe silk mask or a pure silk pillowcase. 

Here at a-beauty we believe that quality, uninterrupted sleep – is as fundamental to health and wellbeing as nutrition and fitness which is why we stock a range of leading Australian brands that create products that induce deep, restorative sleep. 

Wake with smooth hair, glowing skin and a radiant complexion with brands such as SlipCinch Skin and Tonik. From natural supplements to pure silk luxury eye masks, beauty sleep is only a few clicks away. 



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Sleep is fundamental to good health. Four out of ten Australians don’t get enough sleep, putting their health at serious risk. On the up-side, quality sleep is within your control.

Thats why we have curated Australia's top brands together on one site and carefully selected a range of products that will help you get a better nights' whilst still looking your best. 

Slip creates pillowcases with a difference. Each one is woven entirely from mulberry silk that, instead of tugging at delicate skin, prevents sleep creases and stretching that can cause premature ageing. The smooth surface is also gentle and non-drying on hair, meaning your blow-out will last longer.

Tonik's capsules may increase energy levels, care for skin, support hair health, boost the metabolism, aid in sleep and relieve a number of mind and body concerns.

Cinch Skins Sleep and Glow combines two of our favourite things - sleep and products that really work -  this overnight booster exfoliates, hydrates and even smoothes the appearance of fine lines, all while you sleep. 

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