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SŚAINT is a conscious, gender-neutral line of signature scents born from a collective and intrinsic appreciation towards the ethereal qualities and emotive capabilities of fragrance and the natural world.

SŚAINT was founded by Ellyse Wallace and Ciara Mahoney. Their lifelong connection and fascination with nature inspired them to create a unique line of scents, each one paying homage to the elements of the natural world.

Their creative and deeply personal approach combines their mission of environmental responsibility as well as their deep understanding of how humans emotively respond to sensorial stimulants.



Choosing a fragrance that captures your personality should be an enjoyable experience. The most important part of selecting a scent that’s right for you is taking your time to sample multiple perfumes. From there, you’ll start to pinpoint the notes that evoke an idea of who you are.

We’re enamoured with all luxury SŚAINT range of Eau De Parfumes, but the ones that stand out in a crowd and have truly won our hearts are varied. We’ve hand-picked our favourites to share with you:

  • Cosmic Bang
  • Twenty Two
  • Modus Vivendi
  • Smokeshow

The final step in choosing your perfect perfume is to spritz it onto your skin. Scents can change on contact with skin, so this is a crucial part of the process. Find a pulse point, such as the inner wrist, as it’s warmer and allows the fragrance to reveal itself.

Fragrance is an incredibly intimate element of a person’s overall image, making a unique first impression and lingering long after they’ve left a room. Unless you’re familiar with what makes someone tick, consider a gift card so they can select the scent that best captures their character.

a-beauty’s virtual gift cards are the perfect solution for loved ones across the globe.

A hint a, SŚAINT Parfum is all you’ll need to guide them to the collection of fragrances available on our website. From there, the right scent will speak to your recipient with its fragrance notes.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of SŚAINT. 

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