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Tribe Skincare

Tribe Skincare

Tribe Skincare delivers super gentle, soothing and nourishing products that you can feel good about, with unrivalled results in as little as two weeks. Australian-made and vegan-friendly, this collection is consciously formulated with botanical purity, leaving out harsh chemicals to ensure your ultimate comfort. These uncomplicated solutions calm inflammation, even skin tone and hydrate like no other making Tribe Skincare ideal for dryness, redness and eczema-prone skin. With trial packs for your specific skin type, here’s the perfect way to enjoy comfortable, radiantly healthy skin. Beautifully healthy, glowing and comfortable skin is just a click away with the highly effective regime available from Tribe Skincare.

Developed specifically with sensitive, eczema and extremely dry skin in mind and grown from professional salon roots, Tribe Skincare accelerates skin healing whilst strengthening the skin’s natural barrier to expertly protect against flare-ups.


Tribe Skincare

Tribe Skincare was founded in 2017 by Kayla Houlihan. While running her own skin clinic in Geelong, Victoria, Kayla noticed that the skincare industry had become over-saturated with “active” skincare, resulting in an influx of skin reactions in clients with sensitive skin. Unable to find a suitable skincare brand that achieved great results without irritating sensitive skin, she decided to create something truly unique. 

Since its conception, Tribe Skincare has helped thousands of Aussie women achieve their best skin health. This range is highly effective in reducing facial redness, minimizing breakouts, and bidding farewell to dry patches and eczema. Countless individuals with sensitive skin have praised Tribe for being the only skincare brand that doesn't irritate their skin, leaving it soothed and hydrated. Even those prone to skin conditions like eczema or rosacea have found relief in Tribe Skincare. Regardless of whether your skin leans towards oily or dry, Tribe offers a simple-to-follow and effective skincare routine tailored to your needs.

Tribe's products are packed with anti-inflammatories, hydrators, and barrier-repairing ingredients. These gentle yet active natural ingredients work harmoniously to provide optimal care for your sensitive skin. Say goodbye to common allergens, parabens, and harsh chemicals as Tribe Skincare prioritizes your skin's health and well-being. Moreover, you won't find any artificial fragrances or perfumes in their formulations.

The ultra-soothing all-natural ingredients work effectively to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin, restoring comfort to sensitive skin conditions. Each vegan-friendly product within the range is perfect for the mum-to-be as harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens and common allergens are purposely left for the ultimate pregnancy-safe collection. Discover instant relief from common concerns of dry patches, redness, itching and tightness associated with sensitive skin.

Your skin will let out a sigh of relief as the gently effective hyaluronic acid, healing Rosehip oil and nourishing Almond oil support your skin back to optimal health.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of Tribe Skincare.

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