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Representing only the top Australian beauty and cosmetic brands, our team is often asked which products we prefer. Here at a-beauty, each of the companies we endorse and stock have been tested for efficaciousness and ethicality – so when it comes to choosing which products to use, we do have a few tips and tricks to offer.

If you have been looking to update your everyday routine, consider the following when comparing the products on our shelves.



With so many options available, it can be hard to decipher which formulas you should be using. From organic lines to natural cosmetics, mainstream companies and more, choosing a new treatment can seem like a shot in the dark.

Want to simplify the process? Consider these factors when comparing the leading alternatives:

  • Company and Product Values: With so many brands on the market, supporting a company that aligns with your personal values is more important than ever. Do you live a dedicated cruelty-free life? Consider looking for new certified vegan brands. Do you want to minimise your beauty footprint? Look for eco-friendly brands who are doing their part for the planet.
  • Key Ingredients: Some treatments will contain active ingredients to address very specific needs. If you have religiously dry skin, consider looking for a cream-based formula that prioritises If your skin is a bit oilier, don’t be afraid of hydrating ingredients, but consider that a foaming formula may better suit your needs.
  • Skincare Challenges: Ingredients that you used at a different stage of life may no longer be the right fit for your current needs. If you have one or two companies you regularly purchase from (and know they fall in line with your core values), consider looking at their full range. You may find something else that better meets your current needs.

As a pillar of the Australian beauty community, our commitment has always been to educate, inform and arm our followers with the insight needed to put their best face forward. Through innovative ingredients, leading dermatological science, and partnering with local brands, we strive to bring our community a-beauty approved products to keep our industry thriving.

Looking for more? Check out our regular articles and updates about skin health and healthy living practices and routines.

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