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VUSH is a sexual wellness brand that is creating change by breaking down the stigma around pleasure and self love. VUSH's range of vibrators is designed to empower women to embrace their bodies and take pleasure into their own hands.

Their fully female design team create products that challenge what a sex toy has to be. They're perfectly designed for your pleasure, cute enough to show off, and beloved by women all around the world.



Sexual empowerment takes form in the VUSH x Abbie collaboration G-Spot vibrator. Like its creator Abbie Chatfield, this device is bold and powerful with 25 mix and match vibrator settings to take you straight to pleasure town (we know, it’s a lot).

VUSH is a sexual wellness brand that promotes self-love and embracing your sexuality, no matter what it may be. No more hiding your vibrator in your bedside table drawer - there ain’t no shame in the self-love game!


VUSH is a brand that aims to break the stigma around self-pleasure and embraces all aspects of sexual wellness because self-care and self-love are one and the same. Every person should feel comfortable talking about self-pleasure (cause let’s be real, everyone does it) and VUSH aims to open up those conversations surrounding self-love journeys.

For discreet and compact play, try the VUSH Rose 2 bullet vibrator or get your partner involved with the VUSH Majesty 2 wand vibrator.

Shop the VUSH range now at and try their must-have accessories to ensure your toys are clean for the next time you decide to play. 

The VUSH Clean Queen Intimate Accessory Spray is designed using natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to maintain the cleanliness of your sex toys, accessories, menstrual cups or any other intimate items.

The VUSH Feelin’ Myself Intimate Gel is a water-based lubricant that can aid with increasing pleasure and reducing dryness during intercourse or solo play. As it’s water-based, this gel is suitable for use with condoms, sex toys, accessories and of course, bodies. Fragrance and alcohol-free, this gel uses only natural ingredients for cleaner lubrication.

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