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The Kind Sunscreen

The Kind Sunscreen

Created by an Australian mum who wanted to develop the cleanest, safest products for her kids (and the planet), The Kind Sunscreen is a sun-safe lotion that considers the wellbeing of both your family’s and Mother Nature’s health.

Made from only nine ingredients that are certified reef-safe and mindful of sensitive skin, this is a gentle SPF lotion that’s free from added harsh chemicals or preservatives. This company is the very essence of conscious and considerate living – with all products packaged in 100% recycled plastic and cardboard, and dedicated to being 100% cruelty free.

Leading the way in its commitment to making it easier to live a value-aligned life, this brand is proving that we can keep up our skincare and wellbeing routines with products that are eco-friendly.


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The Kind Sunscreen

If you have been looking for an SPF that is certified vegan and safe for all marine life, this is the sunscreen for you. Founder Emma Corrie always believed that there was a way we could co-exist with Mother Nature while still protecting our skin – and knew that the best life for her family would require living eco-responsibly.

Through her business, Emma has created a zinc-based cream that has no added water, eliminating the need for harmful stabilisers and preservatives. This is a broad- spectrum SPF 30 formula that has been tested by and adheres to all TGA guidelines, protecting your skin and our seas.

When testing out new products, the a-beauty team considers the ethos, business model, and development process of every brand. Once we have confirmed that they align with our high standards, we then run each item through an extensive trial period to ensure that it’s high quality and effective.

Only once approved by our industry experts and technicians will a brand then receive the a-beauty stamp of approval. We only partner with Australian-based beauty and cosmetics companies who we trust and can stand by – believing that a company’s values are just as important as the quality of the products they make. 

Our local team wants to be the pillar for the best beauty products Australian has to offer, and strive to bring the best of our thriving community to the world. Dedicated, committed to transparency, and ensuring that we prioritise the two ‘e’s (ethical and efficacious), you can trust that every item in our range will stand up to their promises.

a-beauty is an authorised stockist of The Kind Sunscreen.

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