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Introducing MAAEMO, an Australian-owned organic and eco-friendly skincare and wellness brand. Developed with both herbalist and naturopathic approaches to beauty, MAAEMO creates high-performance products that you can trust. The brand's purpose is to support and empower women to embrace their raw and natural beauty, creating total skin health - inside and out.

Selecting ingredients for both their efficacy and their high-concentration nutrients, MAAEMO products have the power to purify and restore. What sets MAAEMO apart is their dedication to creating products that truly work. Backed by clinical research, the brand carefully selects ingredients known for their beneficial properties.

These science-backed ingredients are then combined with nutrient-rich plant extracts, ensuring the skin receives a vital dose of vitamins and minerals. MAAEMO products are entirely cruelty-free, vegan and contain no nasties.  



Founder Hillary Wilcox brings a wealth of knowledge to MAAEMO. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science (Naturopathy), an Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine and an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Hillary’s passion for health and wellness led her to establish MAAEMO. During her studies, Hillary encountered numerous patients seeking treatment for skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Often, the mainstream synthetic products her patients were using in an attempt to remedy their skin were in fact exacerbating their issues. With her holistic understanding of skin pathophysiology and herbal medicine, Hillary realised she possessed the knowledge to identify what the skin truly needs and determine the botanical ingredients required to achieve optimal skin health. 

Sustainainabiltiy is fundamental to the brand’s ethos. The journey towards sustainability is ongoing, and MAAEMO continually strives to improve their practices to better serve Mother Earth. Their natural and organic ingredients are carefully cultivated and harvested without the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides. 

They believe that choosing natural and organic ingredients are not only superior for skin health but are also essential for the good of Mother Earth. MAAEMO’s organic ingredients are carefully cultivated and harvested without the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides. MAAEMO addresses sustainability across five pillars: ingredients, manufacturing process, packaging, suppliers, and daily office practices. By focusing on these aspects, MAAEMO aims to create a positive impact on the environment. 

MAAEMO products are formulated without harmful additives. They are free from parabens, mineral oils, petrolatums, PEGs, PPGs, MEA, DEA and TEA, phthalates, silicones, SLS/SLES, sulfates, fragrances, colorants, and animal-based products. By excluding these substances, MAAEMO ensures that their products are gentle and respectful to both the skin and the planet.

Please note that MAAEMO products have a limited shelf-life due to the nature of their natural and organic ingredients. When you buy a MAAEMO product, you agree to the expiration date stated on the product.

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